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Предложение о партнерстве для совместного участия в программе TEMPUS IV

Воронежский государственный университет (Экология)

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Дата заполнения 16.04.2009
Название организации Воронежский государственный университет
Информация о предполагаемом проекте VSU expresses the interest to join any TEMPUS IV Joint Project focused on Development of new curricula on ecology
Основные направления деятельности VSU is one of the largest intellectual, scientific and academic centres of Russia. It was founded in 1918. VSU offers academic programmes at all levels: from vocational training to post-doctoral studies, including bachelor, master, graduate and post-graduate courses.
VSU includes 17 faculties:
  • Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Mechanics;
  • Biology and Soil Science;
  • Chemistry;
  • Computer Sciences;
  • Economics;
  • Geography and Geo-ecology;
  • Geology;
  • History;
  • International Relations;
  • Journalism;
  • Law;
  • Mathematics;
  • Pharmaceutics;
  • Philology;
  • Philosophy and Psychology;
  • Physics;
  • Romance and Germanic Philology.
International students are taught and guided by the Institute of International Education.
VSU teaches students in 50 specialist, 28 bachelor and 108 master degree programmes. More than 21,000 students are taught by 1,300 academic staff, including 261 professors.
VSU offers various post-graduate education programmes, including various forms of post-graduate and post-doctoral studies, as well as continued learning. There are 76 domains for post-graduate and 7 academic domains for post-doctoral research, 23 Scientific Boards for public thesis defense work at the VSU.
VSU is one of the leading institutions of the Central Black Soil Region in the sphere of fundamental research.
The structure of VSU research departments includes 17 faculties, 5 research institutes, 14 joint laboratories with the Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 joint research and production centres with the key industrial enterprises of the region, the Centre of Nanosystems and Material Industry, Technopark, the Shared Research Equipment Centre, Botanical Gardens, a nature reserve Galichya Gora, etc.
Expertise in the field of Ecology The Faculty of Geography and Ecology comprised of 4 departments: Natural Environment Management, Socio-Economic and Regional Studies, Geo-Ecology and Environmental Studies, Physical Geography and Landscaping. The Faculty is closely associated with a number of research units, such as Geography, Land Use and Geo-Ecology Research Centre and Research Centre for Human Ecology. The Faculty has leading authority on thorough training in geography, cartography, hydrology, climatology, geo-ecology, nature management and land hydrology. Voronezh Scientific Schools of Landscape, Hydrology and Economic Geography, originated by the academic staff of the faculty, are of international repute.
The Faculty’s professors conduct the fundamental and applied research in the areas of demography, landscape geography, biological indication, bio-geography, bio-ecology, hydrology, paleogeography and medical geography.
The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate degree courses as well as a wide range of post-graduate research programmes in the areas of demography, ecology, landscape geography, paleogeography, and regional studies.
The Faculty successfully practices integrated teaching methods and techniques, focusing on applied aspects of training programmes. The Faculty’s international community includes students from Africa, South America and Europe. It collaborates in teaching and research with universities in Germany and Great Britain.
The Faculty of Geography and Ecology carries out complex researches on studying ecology of cities of the Central Russia, and Voronezh serves as a base city for modelling calculations. Researches address such problems as risk assessment of the population health connected with a condition of the city environment; the analysis of ecologically caused diseases of the population in view of factors of a microclimate and pollution of air pool of megacities; defining zones of ecological risk and geoinformation mapping of medico-ecological situations. Results of researches are used in teaching courses «Human Ecology», «Technogenic systems and ecological risk», \"Ecological monitoring\".
Under the project «RUS 08/A04 Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung» (jointly with Prof. Dr. Lutz Katzschner; Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape, Architecture Environmental Meteorological Department/university of Kassel Germany) for studying consequences of global climatic changes joint researches are carried out in large cities.
Предыдущий опыт участия
в европейских / международных программах
Long-term scientific and educational international cooperation is based upon direct agreements with 71 universities and research institutes of the Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, USA, China and other countries. Many scientists from VSU are members of foreign academies and scientific societies. They give lectures at universities abroad and conduct co-operative research.
VSU is an active member of international academic exchange programs.
Since 2002 VSU has been a member of the European University Association.
VSU has actively interacted with international and local foreign organizations, funds and programmes: FP6/7, INTAS, COST, EUREKA, UNESCO, DAAD, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, German Research Foundation (DFG), Goethe Institute, Robert Bosch Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, EGIDE, CROSS, British Council, IREX, MacArthur Foundation etc.
VSU participated in the following TEMPUS/TACIS projects: JEP 10064-95 “Management of the University and its International Affairs on a Faculty, Institutional and Regional Level” (1994-1998), “Europe – Russia Network for European Projects Experience Dissemination EURUSNET-2000” (2001-2002) and JEP-27131-2006 “Advanced Master Degree Programme in Public Administration” (2006-2008)
VSU also takes part in numerous international educational and scientific programmes and projects. VSU conducts international cooperative research in the fields of higher education and science and holds international scientific conferences on a regular basis.
VSU is a coordinator of FP6 project “RegionERA” (Regional Network for Support of Scientific and Technological Co-operation between European Union and Russian regions) which was successfully implemented from 04/2007 to 09/2008.
Подразделение/отдел Факультет географии и геоэкологии, Кафедра геоэкологии и мониторинга окружающей среды
Сайт http://www.geogr.vsu.ru
Тип организации
  • Научно-исследовательская
  • Образовательная
Адрес организации Университетская пл.1, Воронеж, 394006, РФ
Контактная информация Куролап Семен Александрович доктор географических наук, профессор, зав. кафедрой kurolap@vmail.ru Telephone +7(4732)66-56-54 Telefax+7 (4732)20-75-26, 22-70-37