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Предложения о партнерстве европейских коллег

Предложения о партнерстве по программе Tempus IV (Академия социального образования, Татарстан)

Академия социального образования (Татарстан) приглашает к сотрудничеству российские и зарубежные вузы для совместного участия во втором конкурсе по программе Tempus IV.


In search of Partners

1. Non-governmental Higher Educational Institution


Pedagogy and Psychology Department, ASO (KSUI)

2. Main field of activities of your institutions

Teaching. The department is focused on innovation of curriculum on the specialist, BA and MA levels Onе the specialist level the department provides basic educational courses as well as it is also responsible for teaching psychological-and-pedagogical academic disciplines on non-specialized faculties of ASO (KSUI).

3. Scientific activity

Academy of Social Education is an integrated complex with Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology for Professional Education at Russian Academy of Education. There is a postgraduate course for the following specializations and PhD Council for defense of thesis at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology for Professional Education RAE:

13.00.01 - General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Teaching and Training (general technical and special subjects at vocational educational institutions)

13.00.08 - Theory and Methodology of Vocational Education

19.00.01 - General Psychology, Psychology of Individual, History of Psychology

19.00.05 - Social Psychology

The department of pedagogy and psychology is operating in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic Tatarstan, the Republic Council of Psychologists in the System of Education at Ministry RT, innovative education institutions RT.

4. Previous international experience:

The department of pedagogy and psychology has been an independent structure since 2003. Within this time the department has organized 5 Conferences - among them 4 have an International Status.

5. Information about the intended TEMPUS project:

Title: Life-long Individual Routes for Subjects of Educational Activity

Goal: To increase the quality of professional training of teachers-psychologists on the basis of realization of individual educational routes


1. Development of educational-methodological guide for extension of universal and key competences of students in the process of implementation of their educational individual routes.

2. Organization of practical seminars, round tables with teaching staff and students, post-graduates on problems of implementation of individual educational routes of students.

3. Carrying out of facilitating trainings for psychological and pedagogical support in the implementation process of their individual educational routes.

Target groups

Teaching staff of the department

Local Consortium

Department of Marketing and Staff Management of ASO (KSUI)

5. Name/ academic/administrative position at your institution:

Mrs. Mukhametzyanova Flera Gabdulbarovna, professor,
Head of Department for Pedagogy and Psychology
420039, Republic Tatarstan,
Kazan, Isaev st., 12
Room 115,

Phone: (843) 542-63-24
e-mail: k_ppp@aso-ksui.ru


Источник: Информационная расылка Национального офиса Темпус в Российской Федерации

Web: http://www.tempus-russia.ru/
e-mail: tempusoffice@sovintel.ru