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Yerevan State University - The Russian steppe – the unique European ecosystems of Eurasia

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Date of filling in 15.03.2007
Organization name Yerevan State University
Organization adress Universitetskaya pl., 1, Voronezh, 304006, Russia
Department/Unit Faculty of Geography and Geo-ecology, Chair of Nature Management
Contact person Fedotov Vladimir, DSc, Professor, Head of Chair
Phone +7-4732-665654
Fax +7-4732-207526
E-Mail root@geogr.vsu.ru
Web-site http://www.geogr.vsu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
Call identifier
Topic number The Russian steppe – the unique European ecosystems of Eurasia
Call Deadline
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Expertise offered Project objectives:
  • Definition of stages of partition of the virgin Russian steppes "Wild Field" in XIV-XIIV cc. and formation disjunctive area;
  • Srednerusskaya eminence as ecotone steppe landscape of the West Europe, Crimean-Caucasian and Mild Asia ecosystems;
  • Cadastre development of the types of the Russian steppes with building of the ecological framework saving steppe ecosystems;
  • Organization to preservations ecosystems as the most important principle of the conservation of the variety of the Russian steppes landscape;
  • Development denaturalization Russian steppes;
  • Preparation cartographic material types of the Russian steppes with motivation of the new look at determination of the borders of the steppe type ecosystems on the base of hydrotermoedafential fitogradient landscape.
Problems to be solved and results:
  • Cadastre scheduling - a Russian qualifier steppes with nature-used determination of the mode for each category;
  • Schemes and denaturalization preservations ecosystems as the base of the recovering the Russian steppes;
  • Cards building of the different types of the steppes and ecological framework steppe ecosystems for the reason expansions of the specifically protected natural territory (SPNT).
The realization of the project will help to make the decision of the fundamental problem steppe studies - Russian (the East Europe) steppes saving. The practical purpose to regional strategy of the estimation steppe biome is provided recommendation on conservation its potential natural facilities and will find the realization with details of the following programme directions:
  • Regional steppe natural facilities potential;
  • Conservation concept and reconstruction steppe biome;
  • Steppe - an ecological tourism object;
  • Recreation steppe natural-used;
  • Red book biome and landscape of the steppes;
  • Steppe and firm development of the region.
Scientific keywords steppe ecosystems steppe cadastre phyto-diversity of steppe landscapes especially protected steppe territories recreational use of nature ecological tourism
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