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«Ecological technologies» - ENV-2008. ENV-2008- Using certain culture of microseaweed Хlorella vulgaris

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Date of filling in 19.01.2009
Organization name «Ecological technologies»
Organization adress ul. Komsomolskaya, d.2, kv.1, Lunino, Penza region, 442730, RF
Department/Unit -
Contact person Bararajkin Vladimir, Head of the company
Phone +7-84161-21117; 21425; +7-9093221532
E-Mail bararw@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.bararw.narod.ru
Organization type
  • Research
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
Call identifier
Topic number ENV-2008. ENV-2008- Using certain culture of microseaweed Хlorella vulgaris
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Expertise offered Bases of application certain culture microseaweed Xlorrela vulgaris in the field of veterinary science and animal industries, as fodder additive and treatment-and-prophylactic means are developed; in the field of ecology - clearing and disinfecting of sewage, restoration ecosystems reservoirs; medicine - immunopotentiating and treatment-and-prophylactic means of infectious and other diseases of the person
Problems to be solved and results: Preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases: a tuberculosis, brucellosis, gastroenteric and others diseases -it is confirmed by researches at a local level. Probably, treatment and preventive maintenance of the bird's flu. It is increased an additional weight, milk yield, egg-laying qualities of hens and other on 25-40 % at downturn of charges on a feed and medicines. Medical researches and practical application has shown good efficiency at treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases of the person: oncology, a tuberculosis, mastopathy, gastroenteric diseases and so forth. Detailes on: http://www.bararw.narod.ru Ecological clearing--90-100 % and disinfecting--98-100 of %.
Scientific keywords Xlorella vulgaris Medicine Veterinary science Ecology Tuberculosis Oncology Clearing Disinfecting Immunostimulant Antibiotic natural
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