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Tambov State Technical University - Energy Efficiency And Savings: Information technologies to develop systems of energy-saving control

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Date of filling in 04.10.2007
Organization name Tambov State Technical University
Organization adress ul. Sovetskaya 106, 392032 Tambov, RF
Department/Unit Chair of construction and designing electronic facilities
Contact person Muromtsev Dmitriy, DSc
Phone +7-4752-639417
Fax +7-4752-630216
E-Mail crems@mail.jesby.tstu.ru
Web-site http://www.tstu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
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Topic number Energy Efficiency And Savings: Information technologies to develop systems of energy-saving control
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Expertise offered The main project’s objective is the creation of corporate structure for the development of the integrated information technology providing automated design, manufacture and support during the operation activity of energy-saving control’s system (ECS) of various dynamic objects.
Such object first of all refer to thermal objects, machines with electric drives, vehicles.
To realize this project the association of the scientific personnel’s efforts developing theoretical bases resource saving of management, information technologies, technical facilities and software’s for industrial automation, and also the enterprises releasing energy- requiring equipment oriented to technical, industrial appointment and domestic use.
In Tambov state technical university scientific experience is saved up and mathematical apparatus of the operative decision of problems of optimum control with minimum expenses of energy and fuel is developed.
The possibilities of this mathematical apparatus are shown by the program module http://www.iptop.net/di/
Problems to be solved and results:
Expected results:
  • Creation of uniform information environment (UIE) for designing algorithmic and the software of ECS for a wide class of dynamic objects. Structure UIE: Expert system, automated workplaces for developers ECS.
  • Development of new generation of intellectual controllers, generating in real time energy-saving operating influences on multitude conditions of functioning.
The use of ECS and intellectual controllers provides a decrease in power inputs in a dynamic mode on 15-40 %, reduces not less than twice labour expenditures in the creation of ECS, raises competitiveness of European production.
Scientific keywords information technologies energy-saving control systems energy-requiring objects algorithmic maintenance expert system
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