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Kharkov National University of Radioelectornics - Energy Efficiency And Savings: Research of thermal action of electromagnetic waves on the weakly conducting walls of microwave structure

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Date of filling in 11.06.2007
Organization name Kharkov National University of Radioelectornics
Organization adress pr. Lenina 14, Kharkov, 61166, Ukraine
Department/Unit Department of design and exploitation of electronic apparatus
Contact person Vladimir M. Volkov, DSc, Professor
Phone +3-8057-7021494; 3724089
E-Mail wolf@kture.kharkov.ua
Web-site http://www.peea.kture.kharkov.ua
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
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Topic number Energy Efficiency And Savings: Research of thermal action of electromagnetic waves on the weakly conducting walls of microwave structure
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Expertise offered The problem actuality is stipulated by arisen antagonism in microwave engineering domain: at one side industry assimilate powerful and very powerful generators, able to work in the wide frequency and dynamical band at the mismatched termination, at the other side powermeters of passing power, full impedance meters, reflectometers made by leading firms no satisfy modern demands on accuracy, band dimension, electrical, thermal and radiation stability, reliability and long-term stability, unification and changeability. The purpose of the project is carry out complex theoretical and experimental research on creation such measurement gauge for economy of energy resources and working out methodology of their design. EU countries from it get access to new technology of creation universal measurement and checking gauge in the different advanced domain of activity: radiolocation, navigation, radio communication and broadcasting, physics of high energy, domestic microwave oven and industry plants of material heating and drying.
The project divide on four subproject: The proposal Wolf1 foresees research of frequency properties of dissipative losses in the thin wall rectangular waveguide, distribution of temperature field in their surfaces and creating changeable universal sensors of passing power, research of their metrological characteristics and metrological attestation in all cross-section of centimeter and decimeter waveguide.
The project Wolf-2 foresees research of frequency properties of dissipative losses in the outer conductor of coaxial transmission line, distribution of thermal field on their surface and elaboration changeable universal wideband sensors of passing power and thermal measurement line for tuning, achievement of optimal parameters and checking in “hot” mode of coaxial transmission lines of TV station of meter and decimeter band, including with purpose of prevention of emergency situation (analogous to fire in Ostankino TV center).
The project Wolf-3 foresees research of dissipative losses in the thin walls of volume resonators and HF camera of conveyer type and temperature field on their surface distribution with purpose of most effective their stimulation and following checking of technological process.
The project Wolf-4 foresees study of distribution of electromagnetic field along transmission line with help of discreet disposed sensors of passing power (look projects “Wolf-1”, “Wolf-2”, “Wolf-3”), signals of which processing with the help of compact microprocessor system by special algorithms, that allow to measure in the “hot” mode incident, reflected and passing power, modulus and reflection coefficient of termination in the wide frequency and dynamical band. Such devices get title multiprobe microwave multimeters. The quasi point and coaxial sensors on absorbing wall effect will be used in the proposed project (look project “Wolf-1”, “Wolf-2”).
Problems to be solved and results: The proposal results are: writing and publishing of monograph “Design of sensors of passing power on the absorbing wall effect, taking part in the international science-technical conferences in the Europe and USA and organization in 2007 year at former summer camp of our university at The Black Sea seaside near Tuapse (Russia)” international science-technical conference “Methods and gauges for measurement of intensity of microwave and optical radiation.
Scientific keywords Powerful microwave plants and systems Absorbing wall Passing power Modulus and phase of reflection coefficient of termination wavelengh Frequency and dynamic properties Accuracy Electrical stability
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