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Kursk State Technical University - Nano-structured materials based on grapheme

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Date of filling in 03.02.2009
Organization name Kursk State Technical University
Organization adress 50 let Oktyabrya St., 94, Kursk-40, 305040, RF
Department/Unit The centre of collective using "High technologies"
Contact person Kuzmenko Alexander, Head of the centre, Professor
Phone +7-4712-503880; +7-9103142901
Fax +7-4712-504820
E-Mail apk3527@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.kstu.kursk.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies (NMP)
Call identifier
Topic number Nano-structured materials based on grapheme
Call Deadline
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The Kursk state technical university in the spring of 2009 will celebrate its 45-th anniversary. The university carries out preparation of experts, bachelors, masters and post-graduate students more than in 60 directions. Scientific activity in following directions is widely developed: computer technologies, bioengineering, physics, chemistry, economy, jurisprudence, another technical and to the humanities. The centre of collective using "High technologies" is created with a view of the organisation, carrying out and personnel maintenance of the research works aimed at practical realisation of scientific workings out in nanotechnology sphere. The centre of collective using "High technologies” has the equipment for diagnostics and research of nsnomaterials: an atomno-power microscope (1 nanometer), an atomno-power microscope integrated with a microspectrometer for research combinational(ramanovskogo) light dispersion (50 nanometers), mass chromatograph TraceMS EI/70+250, power dispersive Roentgenfluorescent spectrometer EDX-720/800HS/900H, chromatograph AgilentTechnologies, spectrophotometer UV-1800. The centre of collective using "High technologies" has agreements on scientific cooperation with a number of the academic institutes and universities.
Expertise offered Creation multipurpose non-volatile nanoelemental bases in which basis it is put hardphase copper dissolution in nanostructured graphite. On the basis of such copper-carbon nanostructured systems sated by electrons areas of nanostructured carbon matrix with barriers of Shottki with naturally arising sources of electric energy of galvanic cells type, non-volatile semi-conductor devices are created
Scientific keywords Nanostructured graphite Hardphase dissolution Independent source Power consumption Hardphase electric source
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • New energy sources: electric (at copper and graphite connection) and thermal (on a hydrodynamic method) / A.P.Kuzmenko, V.G.Zavodinsky, A.V.Sjarg, M.P.Leonov, V.I.Savchenko, V.A.Groshev, A.V.Kaminsky, E.S.Astapova, E.B.Pivnenko//Materials of the Far East innovative forum with international participants. 23-26 September. 2003, Part 2, Khabarovsk, 2003, p. 157-161.
  • Reception and research of coverings from graphite on copper / A.P.Kuzmenko, A.V.Sjarg, M.P.Leonov, V.I.Savchenko, V.G.Zavodinsky//the International conference ОТТОМ-4, Kharkov, 2003, the Part II, p. 152-156.
  • Effect of Voltage Arising in the Copper – Ultra Dispersed Graphite System Formed by Electrochemical Method./ Kuz'menko A. P., Leonov M. P., Groshev B. A., Kaminsky A. V., Zavodinsky V. G.. III conference “Nanoscience and Technology’, Novosibirsk, 2003, P. 324-325.
  • 4. Original carbon-cooper compound as a new source of electric power / A.P. Kuz’menko, I.V. Silutin, V.S. Kovalenko, M.A. Kuz’menko, A.V. Kaminskiy, V.G. Zavodinsky // «Modern materials and Technologies 2007» Material of Intrernational VIII Russian-Chine symposium: two volumes. – Khabarovsk: Pacific National University, 2007. – V. 1. – P.153 – 156.
  • Electric power source on a basis hardphase copper dissolution (or other transitive metal) in nanostructured graphite / Kuzmenko A. P, Zavodinsky Century Г, Leonenko N. A, Siljutin I. V, Kuzmenko n of the Russian Federation. Н 01 M 6/18
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