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Russkaya Oliva Ltd. - KBBE.2010.2.2-02: Diet and prevention of functional decline of the elderly; KBBE.2010.2.1-01: Determinants of food choice and eating habits

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Date of filling in 29.09.2009
Organization name Russkaya Oliva Ltd.
Organization adress office 42, 3 Teploenergetikov str., Voronezh, Russian Federation, 394048
Department/Unit Research & Development of Innovative Products Department
Contact person Dr. Lidia A. Miroshnichenko, Ph.D.
Phone +7-4732-386137
Fax +7-4732-397170
E-Mail lidamir@mail.ru
Web-site http://rusoliva.com
Organization type
  • SME
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBE.2010.2.2-02: Diet and prevention of functional decline of the elderly; KBBE.2010.2.1-01: Determinants of food choice and eating habits
Call Deadline 14.01.2009
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Russkaya Oliva Ltd. (Russian Olive) is a private company focused on research, development and sale of dietary oils in the Russian Federation and Europe. Our company’s professional team is experienced to work with European colleagues and partners and ready to participate in the current program together with European partners. Our team of 7 includes health care professionals, research and development experts in dietary products. The most significant experience and achievement of our team is conducting research and clinical trials of amaranth oil for prophylactic treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and gum disease together with Russian clinical centers and international experts. List of references is presented in the partnership proposal.
Expertise offered Russkaya Oliva Ltd. proposes to establish and conduct research of Amaranth oil diet for prophylactic treatment of functional disorders of elderly people. In other words, we would like to study how regular administration of amaranth oil diet will improve quality of life of elderly population worldwide.
We have developed a unique technology of amaranth oil production from Amaranth. Our amaranth oil is an excellent source for omega series fatty acids, tocopherol (Vitamin E) and squalene.
Our company proposes potential partners to organize and conduct clinical trials to study efficacy of Amaranth oil-containing diet for prophylactic treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, or oncology diseases, or diabetes, or immunological disorders.
We propose to conduct GCP clinical trials in large cities of the Russian Federation (with population > 1 mln) where clinical experts- dietitians already work with our company as well as in a country(ies) of the European Union.
Russian GCP clinical trials will be conducted in clinical centers such as centers of health prophylactic, policlinics, hospitals and other medical organizations.
For the current proposal for collaboration, we plan to provide:
  • Preparation, organization, CTA approval, initiation and management of GCP clinical trials to study efficacy and safety of amaranth oil-containing diet
  • Delivery of dietary products containing amaranth oil
  • GCP clinical trials monitoring and audit of selected clinical centers
  • Clinical trials approval and work with regulatory agencies
  • Evaluation, statistical analysis of results of clinical trials, report preparation in order to get approval of a clinical indication from regulatory agencies.
In order to accomplish goals of the current proposal, we hope to collaborate with companies and organizations studying similar dietary oils.
Scientific keywords omega series fatty acids Amaranth Oil Diet therapy Prophylactic treatment Elderly population
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