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Yerevan State University - HEALTH.2010.1.4-1:Translational research on cell-based immunotherapy

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Date of filling in 08.08.2009
Organization name Yerevan State University
Organization adress 1 A.Manoogian str., 0025, Yerevan, Armenia
Department/Unit Microwave Radiophysics department Radiophysical faculty
Contact person Kalantaryan Vitaly, PhD (phys-mathematical sciencies), research officer
Phone +7-374 93 461330 mob
Fax +7-374 10 554 641
E-Mail vkalantaryan@yandex.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Call identifier
FP7-HEALTH-2010- single-stage
Topic number HEALTH.2010.1.4-1:Translational research on cell-based immunotherapy
Call Deadline 2009.11.19
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The Microwave radiophysics dept. has been organised at radio physical faculty of Yerevan State University about 30 years ago.At the present time on department are carried out interdisciplinary studies of bioeffects of low intensity (athermal) millimeter electromagnetic waves (the action millimeter waves on Bacterium, DNA, Blood system, Erythrogenesis,Tumors, Brain activity and so on). Results of researches have been presented at the international conferences and published in the Russian and foreign scientific journals. The department possesses generators of millimeter and centimeter ranges, high-sensitivity radiometers, spectrum analyzers, frequency and power measure devices, femtosecond Terahertz range laser (USA). Head of the department is Academician R. M. Martirosyan, President of the National Academy Sciences of Armenia.
Expertise offered As low-intensity (athermal) millimeter electromagnetic radiation possesses immunomodulation effect that has been confirmed by experiments on animals, it is possible to assume that application of millimeter waves (ММW) will probably promote the decision of the given problem. Therefore we suggest to provide at project performance also application MMW in different updatings of experiment (continuous waves, amplitude or frequency modulation, bioeffective frequencies,etc)
Scientific keywords Electromagnetic Fields Biosystems Bioeffects of Microwaves DNA Tumors
Publications on the topic (other references)
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