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Izhevsk State Technical University - ICT-2009.3.7 – Photonics

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Date of filling in 28.08.2009
Organization name Izhevsk State Technical University
Organization adress Studencheskaya Street, 7 426069, Izhevsk, RF
Department/Unit Department of Laser Systems
Contact person Petrova Victoria, Coordinator of International Projects and Programs, PhD; Alexeev Vladimir Alexandrovich, Vice-Rector for Research and Organization, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
Phone +7-3412-580399
Fax +7-3412-592555
E-Mail victorya.petrova@gmail.com
Web-site http://www.istu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Call identifier
Topic number ICT-2009.3.7 – Photonics
Call Deadline 26.10.2009
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU) was founded in 1952. Today over 20,000 students are getting education at its 12 faculties and 5 branches in other towns of the Udmurt Republic (UR) and neighboring regions, over 900 academic and scientific staff are reading lecturers and doing fundamental and applied research.
The research team consisting of doctors and candidates of technical science and physic-mathematical science, experienced engineers from ISTU, as well as Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy and Physic-Technical Institute of the Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Science have been conducting research on state funded and contract basis in the field proposed (see the publications) together with the Ministry of Agriculture of RF and UR, Institute of Biophysics of the Ministry of Public Health of the USSR, etc. In the filed proposed the candidate (PhD) dissertations were defended: Pattern analysis of superlong signal realizations in biophysics research, Automated registration and processing of photoplethysmograms using the relative description of digital signals; and doctor (Dr.Sc.) ones: Methods and means of automated control of optical density of biological tissues with the change in their blood filling under the artifact action; the candidate dissertation is presented for defense: Extraction of priority parameters of photoplethysmograms.
Expertise offered The research team is ready to discuss all possible proposals on joint research in the frameworks of potential (supposed) project using photoplethysmography method, including the theoretical and designing work, development of the accompanying software, as well as to continue the work on creating an automated system for vascular system express diagnostics and treatment monitoring in veterinary based on photoplethysmography method.
The research complex developed for the automated registration and processing of photoplethysmograms comprising the mobile photoplethysmographer with optoelectronic sensors and software will allow obtaining the objective hemodynamic indexes in animals in the form of photoplethysmogram parameters due to the proposed methods of diminishing the artifact effect. The modifications of mobile automated photoplethysmographer created and software for them allow operatively taking and analyzing the pulse curves right at the farms. As a result, a veterinary specialist will have the equipment and methodology for the investigation of cardiovascular system of animals, thus improving the level of his/her work.
The equipment for animal photoplethysmography will allow controlling the technical condition of milking devices and contribute to diminishing the number of lactating animals sick with mastitis. The solutions proposed can be used by the developers of milking equipment for its adaptation to the physiological indexes of animals. Besides, the equipment created can be used to control the physiotherapy parameters in the monitoring of animal treatment.
The application of the developed database of photoplethysmogram parameters within the automated diagnostic complex for the evaluation of physiological state of the animals at farms will allow increasing the level of veterinary control and work quality of specialists dealing with animals.
Technical solutions, principles of parameter selection for the photoplethysmogram database and software applied in the complex developed can be also useful for improving the methods and equipment for human photoplethysmography.
Scientific keywords Photoplethysmography Relative signal shape Optoelectronic sensors Diminishing the artifact effect Animal vascular system
Publications on the topic (other references)
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* IC – invention certificate
Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation ISTU has 43 bilateral agreements with higher education institutions from Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa. ISTU is taking part in a consortium of TEMPUS-Tacis project JEP_ 26093_2005 “Communicative Approach in Teaching Languages (CATCH)”, period 01.09.2006 – 31.08.2009. In the cooperation with Leuphana University (Lueneburg, Germany) ISTU was taking part in Integrated Project “Re-engineering of natural stone production chain through knowledge based processes, eco-innovation and new organizational paradigms” (I-STONE) financially supported by European Commission (contract No NMP2-CT-2005-515762). Every year students and teachers of ISTU apply for individual scholarships to DAAD, IREX, etc. ISTU is a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna, Italy and a full member of European University Association (EUA). ISTU signed an agreement with ZEvA (Central agency on evaluation and accreditation), Hannover, Germany providing for evaluation and recognition of ISTU study programs in Germany and issuing internationally recognized diploma supplements.
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