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Tambov State University - The Strategy of Regional Development (Regional problems of social-economic development)

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Date of filling in 05.06.2007
Organization name Tambov State University
Organization adress RU, Tambov, 392000 Tambov TSU, 33, ul. Internatsional'naya, 33
Department/Unit Chair of economic theory and history; Educational-research centre
Contact person Smolina Elena, DSc, Professor
Phone +7-74752-723434 (доб. 229); 8-74752-712703
Fax +7-74752-712703
E-Mail regecn@tsu.tmb.ru
Web-site http://tsu.tmb.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
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Topic number The Strategy of Regional Development (Regional problems of social-economic development)
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Expertise offered As it was declared by the President of the RF the transition process of Russian economy to the accelerating economic growth urgently requires the development of subjects of national economy. The priority direction in modern economy includes the theoretical examination of the course of economic reforms and the scientific direction which was formed according to this aspect (the strategies of regional development). This priority direction plays a special role in the study of the developmental perspectives of economic systems in Russia. A highly qualified group of researchers has been formed in Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin. This group fruitfully elaborates the problem concerning integration of the university as a region-forming organization with various subjects of economic activity. The elaboration of a strategy of regional social-economic development is the goal of the research. The strategy is adapted to the process of realization of economic interests, and defines the influence-model of regional administration on key spheres of regional economy. Conceptual theses of the research are reflected in the elaboration of strategic approach to the essence of social-economic development process of Russian regions. The content of this approach includes: the elaboration of mechanisms, tools, algorithms, technologies and methodology of the development of Russian region by an increase of effectiveness of normative and regulating decisions in management. The integration of national projects that are realized in Russian economy is important in conception, which ensures mid- and long-term development of regional economy in the system of social-economic policy with the purpose of competitiveness increase. That allows solving a number of theoretical and applied issues of complex reformation of economic system on the base of harmonization and realization of its main structural elements. The development of Russia is determined by the condition of regions as social-economic subjects. Firstly this development depends on their (regions’) territorial situation and on resources they have. The growth of regional economy, the improvement of population’s life and the stability of economic situation are determined by the increase of effectiveness of separate subjects’ activity. The size of this effectiveness shows their unequal contribution to an achievement of high level of national economic development. The use of various regional competitive advantages is the main reason of it. Due to that every region of the RF can be competitive only in those directions of its development, where it has necessary economic potential for its realization. Unfortunately new system of regional planning and forecasting has not completed in Russia during the last years of reforms. It is important to take into consideration the fact, that regional planning in the countries with market economy realizes in a situation of privet capital domination. Hence, regional planning and forecasting can not ignore regional strategies as well as regional policy of privet business. Russia is a federative state. It is distinguished by the division of powers between the federal and regional government bodies. Both Federation and its subjects have a portion of responsibility for the social-economic development of regions, but their activity has to be at least uncontradictory and coordinated. Otherwise a formation of an effective system of regional planning needs the elaboration of constructive interaction mechanisms between federal and regional government bodies in the process of realization of regional social-economic development. The tools of federal regional policy are extremely imperfect in Russia, that is the tools of realization of regional planning solutions. The methodical assistance to regions, including the elaboration of strategies of regional development, is poorly developed. New approaches to the formation of regional informative environment are needed on the modern stage. Such environment has to make more comfortable conditions for interregional exchange of experience, and for adoption of solutions concerning investments in regions. Today the region is the main subject of social-economic and political relationships. Successful functioning of the regional economy depends on possibilities and skills of regional government bodies to come to optimal decisions, which are taking into consideration the processes of centre and regions. At present first of all it is necessary to have favorable social environment for the effective functioning of economy in a region. One of the most important directions of social-economic development is the forming of harmonious and favorable regional relationships. For the effective policy realization in the sphere of social-economic relationships it is necessary to have clear and well-grounded conception of regional development. The system of regional relationships in many respects depends on the general social-economic situation in a country. Problems of regional relationships become strained in crisis periods. Crisis forces the central government bodies to function in extraordinary situations. That frequently leads to serious mistakes, and as the result negative processes appear in economy, policy and social sphere. In this situation regions and regional government bodies can not independently unite their efforts for the consolidation of unity and for the preservation of the state. The programs of federal, regional and local levels have great importance in the process of regional social-economic development. And it is important to mention the fact, that modern condition of these programs does not correspond to the methodological requirements. The strategy of regional social-economic development must be clear, accessible and competitive. Also this strategy must answer three fundamental questions: 1. what are the characteristics of desirable condition of regional economy and what are the perspectives of goal’s realization of its development? 2. what is the mechanism of programs’ realization of regional social-economic development? 3. what kind of organizational-economic steps will promote to the effective realization of elaborated recommendations? The region is an inseparable component of the united federation that solves its problems and realizes its potential by the measures of political, economic and social programs. These measures are needed for the forming and development of potential points of regional growth, which actualize a choice of research direction.
Expectable results: - to suggest basic parameters of social-economic policy of Russia and to reveal the main problems of social-economic development of Russian regions on the modern stage; - to reveal the regional aspects of social-economic policy, which define the priorities in the elaboration of measure complex that ensures regional development; - to determine the main directions of regional social-economic policy in Russia; - to analyze existing regulation’s mechanisms of regional social-economic development; to offer improved approaches to methods of social-economic development; - to reveal the peculiarities of social-economic development of RF regions (for the period of 1990-2006); - to accomplish the diagnostics of condition and development of regional infrastructure, and to define more precisely the characteristics of investment process in a region; - to mark in the strategic priorities of regional social-economic development up to 2015; - to formulate methodological approaches to the strategies’ elaboration of social-economic development of Russian regions; - to examine the possibilities of program method in management of regional social-economic development; - to define the increasing ways of competitiveness of regional economy for the insuring of stable social-economic development of the national economy; - to elaborate and scientifically state the system of paramount measures of intensification of social-economic transformations in Russian regions; - to define current condition and to reveal the perspectives of realization of national projects in Russia (public health, education, accessible dwelling, agriculture); - to elaborate the methodology of complex analysis of regional social-economic development in Russia, and to offer on this base the strategy of effective realization of national projects.
Scientific keywords social-economic policy methodics of social-economic development diagnostics of regional infrastructure strategic priorities of regional development program method competitiveness of regional economy national projects
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Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation 1. Acronym and title: Regional university is a resource of development of a region Type of project and programme: Fundamental research The elaboration of technical task for conducting of analysis of cooperation between Russian regional universities and external environment: “Regional higher educational institution: the role an influence on the processes of social-economic development of a region: Cooperation between higher educational institution and local business, local public authorities, the public and organizations of third sector”; “Third mission of universities: goals, activities, and achievements of western higher educational institution”. Website: www.neweurasia.ru Period of implementation: 2006-2008 2. Acronym and title: System modernization of management of university. Type of project and programme: Applied research Joint project of TEMPUS TACIS UM_JEP – 24217programme The program includes the elaboration of university activity, which characteristic feature is clear orientation on the realization of innovational educational programs and increase of investment attractiveness of higher education, also the becoming of university as one of the centre cluster of regional innovational-educational programs. The becoming of system-making role of university in regional social-economic development, where the university is oriented on the increase of educational and research programs. Period of implementation: 2003-2006
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