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Belgorod State University - Scientific effectiveness of the projects FP4 – FP6 and trends in development of European researches

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Date of filling in 08.06.2007
Organization name Belgorod State University
Organization adress RU, Belgorod region, 308015 Belgorod BSU, ul.Pobedy, 85
Department/Unit Management Research and Innovation Department; world economy department
Contact person Moskovkin Vladimir, DSc, Professor
Phone +7-4722-301483
Fax +7-4722-301483
E-Mail moskovkin@bsu.edu.ru
Web-site http://www.bsu.edu.ru/
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
Call identifier
Topic number Scientific effectiveness of the projects FP4 – FP6 and trends in development of European researches
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Expertise offered 1) On the basis of the database of the research projects FP4 – FP6, placed on the platform “CORDIS”, their participants (countries, institutions, executors) and amounts of financing will be identified. 2) On basis of the databases of ISI (Institute of Science Information, USA) articles and journals related to the foregoing projects (item 1) will be identified, as well as citation (for FP4 – FP6 projects) and impact-factors of journals, in which articles were published. 3) Different partial specific indicators of scientific effectiveness of FP4 – FP6 projects (for example, number of publications in each project, number of publications on one thousand dollars invested by EU, number of citations in one project etc.) will be introduced. On their basis integral indicator of scientific effectiveness will be built. For each priority FP4 – FP6 projects will be ranked according to partial specific indicators and integral indicators. 4) Problem-oriented frequency analysis of all FP4 – FP6 projects will be carried out, trends in the development of European researches will be determined and excellence scientific centers will be identified quantitatively, taking into account their scientific effectiveness. 5) Webometrics ranking of FP4 – FP6 projects will be carried out
Scientific keywords FP4 – FP6 projects; trends in development of European researches; excellence scientific centers; citation of publications; impact-factors of journals; indicator of scientific effectiveness; problem-oriented frequency analysis; webometrics indicators
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