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Belgorod State University - Nature management conflicts of the regions where mining complexes in Black Sea region and criteria of their sustainable development (in comparison Belgorod region with similar European regions)

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Date of filling in 23.03.2007
Organization name Belgorod State University
Organization adress RU, Belgorod region, 308015 Belgorod BSU, ul.Pobedy, 85
Department/Unit Department of Geography and Geoecology
Contact person Kornilov Andrey, DSc, Professor
Phone +7-4722-301173; +7-4722-301196
Fax +7-4722-301174
E-Mail kornilov@bsu.edu.ru
Web-site http://www.bsu.edu.ru/
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
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Topic number Nature management conflicts of the regions where mining complexes in Black Sea region and criteria of their sustainable development (in comparison Belgorod region with similar European regions)
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Expertise offered Intensive agricultural use of the black soils of Belgorod area, wide development of mining, high level of economic developing of the area create the basic types of the conflict nature management firstly as regards the choice between the regnirements of agricultural and industrial use of the lands, secondly, as regards the task of the preservation of environmental stability. Artificially underestimated profitability of the agricultural production, absence of economic estimations of the natural component do not allow to solve these problems applying only market methods. This requires development of criteria of the steady development of the region, methods of estimation of ecological and economical efficience of nature management, creation of the mechanism of providing the monitoring, modeling and nature management. Approximate program of the tasks solution: 1. Estimation of current condition of the natural resources, creation of the maps of the ecological situation, definition of critical components, forecast of the situation. 2. Development of the concept of ecological and economical basing of the economic activities, criteria of the estimation of environmental problems; basing of the special mode of managing and a regulating of economic activities by ecological and economical criteria in the area of Kursk magnetic anomaly (КМА). 3. Development of the scheme the nature management and maintenance of ecological safety, including: creation of information model of management; introduction of economic estimations of the ecological component; development of the list of necessary security and rehabilitation actions with the basing of the scales of their realization. 4. The Substantiation of standard of social and ecological provision with the regional system of moving of mining areas by the grounds of the general use. 5. Development of the project of geoinformation technology of modelling of ecological and economical estimations and decisions.
Expected results: 1. The concept of the special mode of managing on the earlier developed territories. 2. Mechanisms of regulating of economic activities in the areas of intensive development of mining. 3. Projects of the regional statutory and legal acts directed on the reduction of negative influence on the environment in the area KMA. 4. Projects of the regional нормативно-legal certificates{acts} directed on decrease{reduction} of negative influence on an environment of area KMA.
Scientific keywords Ecological situations nature management environment preservation management steady development indicators
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