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Kursk State Technical University - Indicated regulation of intensification processes of the development of diversified production complex

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Date of filling in 30.11.2007
Organization name Kursk State Technical University
Organization adress RU, Kursk region, 304040 Kursk ul. 50 let Octyabrya
Department/Unit Chair of State Municipal Management
Contact person Vertakova Julia, DSc, Professor
Phone +7-4712-587-118
Fax +7-4712-587-118
E-Mail vertakova@rambler.ru
Web-site http://http//www.kstu.kursk.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
Call identifier
Topic number Indicated regulation of intensification processes of the development of diversified production complex
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Expertise offered Socio-economic problems of the regional development save the quip in condition of the evolution of the market in Russia. The research in this sphere show, that outlet from established in regions position by indicative development and realization of special measures are needed. The development of russian theory and practical aspects of regional management must take into account the factors, influencing upon shaping on diversified production complex (DPС) in region. Creation and rational allocation DPС, will allow to intensify the process on industrial quantities. The composite analysis and forecasting the ways of the development of the regional economy, which reflect possible sectoral and territorial structure with provision for marking growth poles and DPС economic core in region are necessary. While forming the appropriate regional needs a system "growth pole" (economic core), it's actual from the position of the support of the industrial sectors.
Problems to be solved and results: On our opinion, the effective instrument, allowing to form DPK, as an element of open dynamic regional socio-economic system (CES), is a Petri's network. The total result of the research are development and motivation of the concrete action and carry out mechanism, This will allow the region to leave from crisis position and to increase its economic status. Also usage of Petri's network in graphical and matrix forms is expected. The built Petri's network will contain an idea of the using of indicated regulation in regional management. This will allow to realize the choice to future rational path for the reason ensuring the development DPС in region. The indicated regulations methodology must contain the development of the target comprehensive program of the development DPС in region and shaping to Concept of the development of DPС. To use the concept of the DPC development in practice, it is necessary to form indicated plan and shaping the system of indicator, which characterize the process of the DPC development. For creation of such indicator system will be used the extended reproduction approach. The rational variant of the development of DPC collection in region must be put as a base into indicative plan. The Choice of the variant of the CES development depends on ensemble factorы and is realized on base of poly-criterial approach. The retrospective track record limits the choice. Indicated regulation can promote transition on rational path of the DPC development. Using the Petri's network in programming of core forming in region allows to analyze the possible variants of the development of this process, choose the most rational from existing, to reveal and prevent opportunely the undesirable consequences in process of decision making, to realize effectively regional core forming management.
Scientific keywords Indikacation Diversified production complexes Petri's Network Forecasting growth poles Economic core
Publications on the topic (other references) 1. Vertakova YU.V. Indicated planning reproduction proportion of the firm development of the economy of the region (empiricist-statistical approach): Monografiya. - M.: High school, 2005 2. Vertakova YU.V., Simonenko E.S. Use the device of the Petri's network for the development regional social-economic systems modeling// notify Kursk GTU, 2 (17) 2006 3. Vertakova YU.V., Simonenko E.S. Management firm regional development // Regional social-economic systems: mechanisms of management and developments: Mezhvuzovskiy collection of the scientific works pd ed. prof. Preobrazhenskogo B.G., Treschevskogo YU.I..-VORONEZH: Scientific book, 2006 4. Simonenko E.S. poly-criterial approach to choice of the paths of the development deversified complex Kursk area // Herald тульского state university. The Series: Economy. Management. Finansy. - Tula: Izd-in TULGU, 2007 5. Simonenko E.S. The Building deversified regional complex: possible models of the branch composition (the collective monograph) // State and the market: new quality of the interaction in information-network economy. SPB, 2007
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