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Tajik State National University - The Film detectors of the nucleus radiation from CdTl

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Date of filling in 17.07.2007
Organization name Tajik State National University
Organization adress Tajikistan, 734025, Dushanbe
Department/Unit Research-and-production center "Technology"
Contact person Akobirova Aziza, PhD
Phone +7-99237-2217931
Fax -
E-Mail tuichiev@mail.ru
Web-site http://-
Organization type
  • Research
Special Programme
Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies (NMP)
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Topic number The Film detectors of the nucleus radiation from CdTl
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Expertise offered The Purpose of the project is the development of high-performance and radiation-hardened detectors of nuclear radiation on the base of cadmium tellurite polycrystalline films. During the project is planned to develop the technology of the reception high-resistance heavy (100-400 mkm) CdTl polycrystalline films ant to solve the ponitapites problem. The Detectors on the base of such films should not concede in efficiency to existing monocrystalline detectors, but they, unlike the germanium detectors, could work under room temperature.
Problems to be solved and results: - to develop the ways of the reception radiation-hardened high-resistance cadmium tellurite thick films; - to establish the dependency of photosensitivity and radiation-hardened films from the crystallite sizes; - to establish the mechanism of conductivities in received films; - to develop the detector that could work under room temperature unlike germanium because of the big width of the forbidden tellurite cadmium zone (Eg=1.5 eV), and will be the radiation-hardened because of its fine-grained structure.
Scientific keywords Detector Polycrystalline Crystallites Photosensitivity Film Radiation-hardened High-performance
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