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Voronezh State Medical Academy - HEALTH.2012.2.3.2-2: Co-morbidity between infectious and noncommunicable diseases

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Date of filling in 29.09.2011
Organization name Voronezh State Medical Academy
Organization adress -
Department/Unit Chair of propaedeutics of children's illnesses and pediatrics
Contact person Prof. Alla Neretina
Phone +7-910-3470312
E-Mail Neretinaalla@mail.ru
Organization type
  • Education
Special Programme
Call identifier
Topic number HEALTH.2012.2.3.2-2: Co-morbidity between infectious and noncommunicable diseases
Call Deadline 04.10.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): VSMA of N.N.Burdenko is one of the oldest high schools of Russia, exists with 1918г. Carries out educational activity at following faculties: medical, pediatric, mediko-preventive, stomatologic, pharmaceutical, etc. The regional children's clinical hospital №2 is one of bases of chair of propaedeutics of children's illnesses and pediatrics. The regional children's clinical hospital №2 carries out reception of patients with infectious diseases and a surgical pathology. However, in most cases the sharp infectious pathology is combined with the somatic. The highly skilled personnel of hospital provides timely and qualitative rendering assistance. Scientific interests of chair include pulmonology problems, including hereditary illnesses of lungs, neurology, cardiology and gastroenterology. Laboratory and functional methods were applied to control over dynamics of a condition of patients in researches (spirography, an electrocardiography).
Expertise offered Aim studying of features of a current of a sharp respiratory pathology against дисплазии a connecting fabric. The knowledge of following features will allow to reduce terms of stay of children in a hospital and consequently bears in itself an economic gain. The offered programs of rehabilitation will allow to lower frequency of hospitalization of the given contingent of children.
Scientific keywords Sharp virus diseases dysplasia children
Publications on the topic (other references)
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  • A.F.Neretina Bronchopulmonary simptoms of syndrome of Elersa-Danlo / A.F.Neretina, V.V.Anokhina, M.N.Muravitskaya//the System analysis and management in biomedical sistem. - 2010. – Т. 9, №4. – P.792-795.
  • Anokhina V.V.Features of a current of sharp respiratory virus diseases at children with signs not differentiated dysplasiya of connecting tissue/ V.V.Anokhina, D.J.Bugrimov, M.N.Muravitskaya//the Bulletin new medical technologies. 2011. – Т. 18, № 2. – P. 224-226.
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