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Biological Sources of Energy LLC (BioIstEn LLC) - ENERGY.2012. Pilot plant-scale demonstration and integration of emerging and new combustion technologies, ENERGY.2012.10.2.1: Future Emerging Technologies

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Date of filling in 08.08.2011
Organization name Biological Sources of Energy LLC (BioIstEn LLC)
Organization adress PO Box 84, Novosibirsk-54, 630054, Russia
Department/Unit -
Contact person Dr. Sergey Vilcheck, PhD, Director
Phone +7-9232237681
Fax +7-383-3148058
E-Mail sv195503@yandex.ru
Organization type
  • SME
Special Programme
Call identifier
Topic number ENERGY.2012. Pilot plant-scale demonstration and integration of emerging and new combustion technologies, ENERGY.2012.10.2.1: Future Emerging Technologies
Call Deadline 08.03.2012, 25.10.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Innovation company Biological Sources of Energy LLC was founded in 2010 in order to commercialize previously developed technology for converting of carbon containing materials and wastes into energy carriers. In 2010 the company won a competition within START programme of government fund FASIE (Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovation Enterprises) and received financing for research and development. The company’s staff consists of researchers, industrial designers, innovation commercialization professionals. It develops different aspects of technology itself as well as cooperates with leading institutes of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. The company specializes itself in development of processes of gasification for carbon containing wastes, in application of catalysts to produce energy carriers, in designing of novel equipment and devices for new technologies, in analytical research of input and output materials. In 2011 the company raised private financing and began to transfer PCT application into patents in major territories including European patent, US patent, Canada patent, Japan patent, South Korea patent, China patent, India patent. The company has a long list of prospective customers and partners primarily in European Union which are interested in integration of technology with their operations in different industrial and agricultural sectors where carbon containing wastes are generated. Major sectors include wood processing industry and agriculture.
Expertise offered The Russian innovation company has developed and patents in international markets a technology for processing of carbon containing materials and wastes including different types of biomass into energy carriers including syngas, heat and power. The technology is versatile in regards to processed materials, applied processes (gasification, combustion, pyrolysis, carbonization, gas refining). The technology provides environment friendly and efficient combustion processes. The technology can be easily scaled from low to high production rate. The company has built a demonstration 10 kW unit that processes different types of carbon containing wastes including wastes of wood processing industry and agricultural operations. At the time the company builds pre-industrial demonstration unit with power of 100 kW when normalized by heat energy.
The company can offer within the partnership the following:
  • To adapt technology to particular type of carbon containing materials and wastes which should be converted into energy carriers, for instance, syngas or convert into hear and power;
  • To design equipment and build pre-industrial demonstration plants with higher production rate that of demonstration units that company has and builds at the moment;
  • To carry out research of processes of conversion of carbon containing wastes into target energy carriers in order to prepare technology regulations for processing of carbon containing wastes;
  • To design industrial scale plant of required production rate and to participate in implementation of the project for building, starting up and operating a pilot plant.
Scientific keywords Renewable energy sources based on carbon containing wastes Processing of wastes Processing of solid wastes Combustion Synthetic oil for engines
Publications on the topic (other references)
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