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Far Eastern State Academy for Humanities and Social Studies - SSH.2012.1.1-1 Education systems in the 21st century, SSH.2012.8.8-2. Mobilising the network of National Contact Points in Social Sciences and the Humanities

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Date of filling in 15.08.2011
Organization name Far Eastern State Academy for Humanities and Social Studies
Organization adress Russian Federation 679 015, the Jewish Autonomous Region, Birobidzhan, Shirokaya st., 70A
Department/Unit Department of Ecology and Biology
Contact person Dr. Marina Stepanovna Antonova, associate professor
Phone +7-42622-40146
E-Mail rabbit_63@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.dvgsga.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
Call identifier
Topic number SSH.2012.1.1-1 Education systems in the 21st century, SSH.2012.8.8-2. Mobilising the network of National Contact Points in Social Sciences and the Humanities
Call Deadline 02.02.2012
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Scientific level and quality of work provided by the group of performers available to the scientific basis that was obtained in the course of research "Criteria and indicators of competence paradigm of professional development and student development from a regional perspective", RFBR № 08-06-9805 - r_vostok_a (2008-2009)
Expertise offered On the territory of the Russian Far East in recent years drug dependence and drug crime among young people increased . However, there is no mandatory anti-drug prevention program that prevents the formation of anti-drug youth culture. In this connection, we are working to develop a system to build the students' anti-drug world outlook. At this time we are interested in the experience of foreign universities to develop and use such measures. We need a specialist for assessment and evaluation of our developed materials, as well as improving them. We suggest you take an active part in developing the author's project to build the students' steady position with respect to consumption of alcohol and drugs. In the process of plan writing research papers, manuals, monographs, an international scientific conference. The experience gained will be disseminated in other universities in Russia, Europe and Asia.
Scientific keywords health of students depending on the drugs prevention formation of social values study of personality traits developing of the system of forming anti-drug philosophy
Publications on the topic (other references)
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