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Far Eastern State Academy for Humanities and Social Studies - SSH.2012.1.1-1 Education systems in the 21st century

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Date of filling in 15.08.2011
Organization name Far Eastern State Academy for Humanities and Social Studies
Organization adress Российская Федерация 679015, Еврейская автономная область, г. Биробиджан, ул. Широкая, 70А
Department/Unit Research and Education Center "Center for Research and Innovation"
Contact person Mrs. Valentina Vasilenko, researcher, laboratory of modeling of the interaction of the university with the environment, research and educational center "Center for Research and Innovation"
Phone +7-9148128883
Fax +7-42622-40146
E-Mail vvs.jar@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.dvgsga.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
Call identifier
Topic number SSH.2012.1.1-1 Education systems in the 21st century
Call Deadline 02.02.2012
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Scientific level and quality of work provided by the group of performers available to the scientific basis that was obtained in the course of research, "Criteria and indicators of competence paradigm of professional development and student development from a regional perspective", RFBR № 08-06-9805 - r_vostok_a (2008-2009 gg.) "System institutionalized feedback to ensure the impact of consumers (employers, students, public) on the quality of the educational activities of the university» (2007-2010) № 1.1.08; «Upgrading the basic educational program in the transition to two-level higher education (for example, the areas of training 540 200 - Physical and mathematical education qualification (degree) - Bachelor) "commissioned by research Center quality problems training MISA (2007-2010).
Expertise offered The discrepancy between the structure of the training of graduates and the structure of market demand professional work necessitates interaction with the environment of the university: economic agents and authorities in the region, aimed at improving the performance of each of its participants. The introduction of multi-level training and transition to the Competence-oriented education necessitates an appropriate update of the educational system of universities. In this case, the active involvement of employers in shaping the elective component content of basic education programs on specific areas of training. However, being initiated and organized by one of the parties, such cooperation will likely not be a full partnership, and will become a contractual interaction between the parties (for example, between a university and a particular company, whose order for the preparation of specialized graduates does this high school). With regard to establishing a system of interaction of market entities in the region, the obvious need for the system of interaction between the body, the focal point, as well as defining the strategic guidelines of the interaction. A well-functioning system of mutually beneficial, constructive, long-term interaction between the social partners in the face of employers, universities and government bodies may be precisely the mechanism that will establish uniform rules for mutually beneficial joint activities aimed at meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the system of interaction "market for educational services, university -professional labor market-employers". The research aims to develop and implement the updated guidelines of the university interaction with business entities and authorities in the region. To achieve this objective will be solved the following problems:
  • developing of patterns of interaction with university business entities and authorities in the region;
  • developing of methods to identify the quality requirements of the educational activities of the university and to the structure of training of graduates emerging from businessmen and governments in the region;
  • development and testing procedures for the collection, storage and analysis of information to form a rapid assessment of the educational activities of the university by the authorities and entrepreneurs;
  • develop a conceptual framework of participation of the university and the external environment in identifying, structuring and understanding of current and future market demands of professional work in the region;
  • develop guidelines for the implementation of mechanisms of interaction with the environment of the university.
Interaction with the environment of the university should be implemented as a special core with its strategy, technology, operations. The focus of this process is given by the need to implement support for the processes of formation and development of the partnership of the university, government and entrepreneurs in the region. In particular, we plan to create conditions for the realization of each party of its position in the process of becoming authentic subjectivity in the social partnership of government, employers and the university.
Scientific keywords simulation of the interaction of the university with the environment testing of models of interaction with the environment Identification of current and emerging labor market needs modernization of the educational system of the university informing the public about the results of the research
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