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LLC Small innovative enterprise "Tribotehnologii-BGITA" (LLC MIP "Tribotehnologii-BGITA") - FoF.NMP.2012-4 High-performance manufacturing technologies in terms of efficiency (volumes, speed, process capability etc), robustness and accuracy

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Date of filling in 12.08.2011
Organization name LLC Small innovative enterprise "Tribotehnologii-BGITA" (LLC MIP "Tribotehnologii-BGITA")
Organization adress 3, St. Dimitrov avenue, Bryansk, 241037 Russia
Department/Unit -
Contact person Prof. Evgenie Anatolevich Pamfilov, Dr.Sci.Tech., the professor
Phone +7-905-1001751
Fax +7-4832-746008
E-Mail pamfilov@bgita.ru
Organization type
  • SME
  • Research
Special Programme
Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies (NMP)
Call identifier
Topic number FoF.NMP.2012-4 High-performance manufacturing technologies in terms of efficiency (volumes, speed, process capability etc), robustness and accuracy
Call Deadline 01.12.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The LCC small-scale innovative enterprise "Tribotechnologies –Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology " was established on August 20th, 2010 in order to put the results of the intellectual activity (sowftware, databases, inventions, useful models, industrial designs). The introduction of innovative technologies includes tribotechnology in various fields of the national economy. Assistance to most fully satisfying of the economy and population needs in goods, jobs and services. Saturation of the market in goods, jobs, services and technologies. Conducting research, educational, innovative activity, technology transfer, organization of scientific events on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries (scientific tourism). The organization is established by the Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology and functions on its basis.
Expertise offered Substantiation and working out of the highly efficient industrial technology of creation of metal-polymeric plain bearers for the increase of operational reliability of knots of a friction of cars and equipment
Scientific keywords bearings friction restoration polymers composites
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • Computer-aided simulation of wear in dynamical condition /M. Rafalovskaya, E.Pamfilov, L. Evelson... // WOM : 13-th International Conference on Wear of materials. Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. - Vancouver, 2001.
  • Information technology of material choice for improvement of friction unit life cycle / E.A. Pamfilov, L.I.Evelson // 5 Environmental sustainability conference and exhibition land, Sea and Air Mobility. - Austria, 2001.
  • Increase of the tribotechnological characteristics of plain bearers from wood-metal composite materials / E.A. Pamfilov, A.P. Simin, E.V.Shevelyova//the Machine engineer. - 2004. - № 1.-P.21-25.
  • A plain bearer: patents 2226240 Russian Federation: Int. Cl. Р16С 33/04/ E.A. Pamkfilov, L.I. Evelson, A.P. Simin, E.V.Shevelev; proprietor Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology. - № 2001131695/28; application. 11/23/2001; date of publication. 3/27/2004, Bull. №9.
  • Bases of creation new wood-metal plain bearers materials/E.A.Pamfilov, E.V.Shevelyova. D.I. Murat, O.V. Sidorov//Polymeric composites and tribotechnology. - Gomel, 2005. - P. 114-115.
  • Features of working out and application of computer design aids of wood-metal plain bearers / L.I. Evelson, E.A. Pamfilov, A.P. Simin, E.V. Shevelyova//Izv. High schools. Wood magazine. - 2005. - № 2. - P. 182-187.
  • Designing of wood-metal plain bearers / L.I.Evelson, E.A.Pamfilov, A.P.Simin, E.V.Shevelyova// High school. Wood magazine. - 2005. - № 1-2. - P. 182-187.
  • Method of manufacturing of plain bearer: patents. 2305804 Russian Federation : Int. Cl. Р16С, 1.1/E.A.Pamfilov, E.V. Shevelyova, O.V. Sidorov. proprietor Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology. . - № 2005136603/11; application 11/24/2005; date of publication 9/10/2007. Bull. 25.
  • The technological bases of producing the new antifriction wood-metal materials/ E.A. Pamfilov, O.V. Sidorov, E.V. Shevelyova, E.V. Alexeyeva//BALTRIB 2007: International Conf. 21-23 November. Lithuanian University of Agriculture. - Kaunas, 2007.
  • Materialogical maintenance of quality of cars / G.I. Silman, E.A. Pamfilov//Reference Book. Engineering magazine. The appendix. 2008. № 6. P. 5-1
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