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All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences - KBBE.2012.1.2-03: Plant growth-promoting bio-effectors (microorganisms and active natural compounds) for alternative plant nutrition strategies in non-leguminous crops, KBBE.2012.1.1-01: Improving seeds for agriculture and conservation activities

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Date of filling in 19.08.2011
Organization name All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Organization adress 350039, Russian Federation, Krasnodar-39
Department/Unit Laboratory for the development of microbiological crop protection products and microorganisms collection
Contact person Dr. Anzhela M. Asaturova, Ph. D. (Biology) Head of laboratory for the development of microbiological crop protection products and microorganisms collection
Phone +7-861-2282103, 2281787
Fax +7-861-2281776
E-Mail vniibzr-7fp@yandex.ru
Web-site http://www.vniibzr.ru/index.htm
Organization type
  • Research
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBE.2012.1.2-03: Plant growth-promoting bio-effectors (microorganisms and active natural compounds) for alternative plant nutrition strategies in non-leguminous crops, KBBE.2012.1.1-01: Improving seeds for agriculture and conservation activities
Call Deadline 15.11.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The Institute was founded in 1992 based on the North-Caucasian Institute of Phytopathology (1960-1992) and is currently a leading research center of the Russian Federation on biological plant protection. The institute has 207 people, including more than 120 academic staff.
Main research areas: scientific rationale and biologization green crop; phytosanitary monitoring and ecotoxicological situation in agrobiocenosis and a system of forecasting, creation and implementation of new manufacturing technologies and application of biological plant protection products on the basis of entomoakarifags, entomopathogenic organisms gerbifags and microorganisms, inhibiting the ability to live pathogens, pheromones and biologically active substances of biogenic origin. The assets of the institute for more than 60 patents, about 1300 articles, 10 monographs, over 120 teaching materials, the Institute publishes its research papers. The Institute is a member of the West Palaearctic Regional Section International Organization for Biological Control, and the director Academician, Prof. V.D. Nadykta - Vice-President of this organization up to 2010 year.
Expertise offered Abstract
All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection, specializing in the field of biological plant protection, develops environmentally friendly biological products to protect crops from pests.
Phytosanitary agrobiotsenozov instability and deterioration of the overall environmental situation in Russia and the European Union call for new approaches in the development and use of means and alternative methods of biological plant promoting and protection. Thus, the relevance of our research, primarily related to interest, which in the EU and Russia to demonstrate organic farming and production of ecologically pure food.
Using the new biopreparations will increase yield and improve the quality of agricultural products; possible rejection of the use of a number of expensive fertilizers and pesticides, improve soil fertility, improvement of the soil microbiota; possible reorientation of the farms for the production of environmentally friendly products.
The authors are looking for partners for joint further development of production technology and application of new biopreparations, the study of their mechanisms of action, testing of new biopreparations.
Description of proposal
Currently, fertilizers and pesticides are the most popular means of plant protection products. Toxicity of agrochemicals to the environment, staff of agricultural enterprises and end users of agricultural products is well known and is a serious concern in the community. In today's real environmental situation in agricultural production, when there were significant downward trend in soil fertility, high yield losses due to diseases and pests of agricultural landscapes of ecological problem caused by anthropogenic pollution, as there is an urgent need biologization agricultural production. Imposed restrictions on the use of pesticides and fertilizers in Russia and the EU have stimulated the search for alternative methods to increase productivity and control plant diseases. One is the application of biological products, which, unlike chemicals are harmless to the environment and the consumer. In addition to the protective effect of current biological agents (PGPR strains) are able to restore and enhance natural regulatory mechanisms in agrobiocenosis.
To obtain the effective biological product for growth-promoting and protection against pathogens is a sequence of complex screening and study of promising microbioagents the following features:
  • Promoting and protective effect of seeds and plants;
  • Colonized activity;
  • Plant-growth-promoting activity;
  • Spectrum and mechanism of action;
  • Competitiveness, etc.
Innovative aspects of the proposal
Innovation of the proposed development is the use of new biological preparations for the formation of self-protection system (environmentally-oriented farming systems) or integrated into the system of integrated promoting and protection, significantly reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticide press on agrocenosis.
The main advantages of the proposal
Advantage of the new biologics is multifunctional their actions: in the capacity of the entire consortium of microorganisms. Using the new biologics developed by the authors provides a high biological effectiveness and obtaining additional yield (10-25%).
Application of new biological products in an integrated system of protection of agricultural crops can inhibit the development of resistance of harmful objects, and promotes conservation of the environment that ensures the participation of natural agents in the regulation of harmful objects and leads to restoration of natural self-regulating ecological communities.
Current Stage of Development Stage of development (research)
Type of collaboration
Technical Cooperation
Further investigation
Financial resources
Preferred country
United Kingdom
Turkey etc
Scientific keywords PGPR- strains collection of microbial cultures commercial strains of microorganisms environmentally friendly products biocontrol of phytopathogens
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Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation Development of Institute staff, supported by International Science and Technology Center (joint project with the USA, Canada):
Biopreparations Biostat, Dizofungin.
Pheromone production of materials to protect the garden from the codling moth.
The integrated protection of winter wheat from the complex diseases using biologics and BAS a biogenic origin.
The technology of biological control of pear sucker and protect cherries from the cherry fly.
The technology for remote diagnostics of wheat and rice affected phytopathogens.
The technology of plant growth regulators in the tank mixture at different crops.
Technology phytosanitary stabilization cenosis wheat in southern Russia using immunogenetic protection.
Previous participation in EU’s Framework Programme projects