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Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology - KBBE.2012.1.2-07:Development of management strategies for planted and managed forests to increase mitigation capacity

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Date of filling in 11.08.2011
Organization name Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology
Organization adress 3, St. Dimitrov avenue, Bryansk, 241037 Russia
Department/Unit Scientifically-innovative administration
Contact person Prof. Sergey Avramovich Ahremenko, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Phone +7-4832-746008
Fax +7-4832-746008
E-Mail mail@bgita.ru
Web-site http://www.bgita.ru/
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBE.2012.1.2-07:Development of management strategies for planted and managed forests to increase mitigation capacity
Call Deadline 15.11.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology was founded as timber institute according to decision of the Soviet Peoples Committee of the RSFSR from June, 2nd, 1930 and the decision of presidium of VSHNRSFSR from July, 3rd, 1930. Today Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology is a multi-field institution. There are 5 faculties, 32 departments, experimental forestry enterprise and a botanical garden with the unique collection of trees and bushes in it. There are about 400,000 educational and scientific books in the library of the academy. Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology successfully develops international contacts with the countries of near and far abroad. We regularly held international conferences, solve different scientific problems and exchange experience. Many scientists of the higher educational establishment are members of the International academies.
Expertise offered Forestry –typological elaborations of the natural forest reforestation and formation of artificial woods. Scientific explanation of the inventory, structure and monitoring of wood and other ecosystems.
Scientific keywords Reforestation Forestry Inventory Forest management Monitoring
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • Ivanov J.V., Savochkin J.V., Marchenko S.I., Ivanov V.P. Analysis of the growth process of Pinus sylvestris L. at early stages of an ontogenesis in the conditions of chronic zinc influence.
  • Ustinov M. V, Ustinov M.M. Modelling of the truck volumes chosen at the cutting of leaving in stands of trees of fir tree wood cultures of the Bryansk region.
  • Shelucho V.P. Condition of the ripe and overmatured fir groves in areas of technogenic influence.
  • Nerush M. N. Change of correlation of the current and average growth in young growth oak-woods.
  • Shoshin V. I, Birzhov A.V., Smirnova M. J. Growth and a biological effeciency of cultures of a pine in a phase of a thicket of area of mixed woods.
  • Perepeshina J.I. Economically geographical integration of woods of forest-steppe of Southern Zauralye (on an example of the Kurgan region).
  • Smirnov S.I. Biotouristical resources of wood and other ecosystems and prospects of their development on the territory of the European part of Russia.
  • Markina Z.N., Mileshina A.V. Use of sandy soils at cultivation seedlings of the pines.
  • Yerokhin A.V. Selection of trees at complex cuttings in pine plantations with a fur-tree stage.
  • Samoshkin E.N., Adamovich I.J. Features of structure and an interrelation of subtypes of mycorhizas Picea abies L. in the conditions of chronic contamination of radio nuclides in the Bryansk region. «Wood magazine». 2011. №2.
Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation Grant RBU «To develop and investigate effective technologies of creation of wood cultures on the lands polluted by radioactive nuclides with use of polymeric materials»
Previous participation in EU’s Framework Programme projects