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Udmurt State University - HEALTH.2012.2.3.2-3: Prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

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Date of filling in 03.08.2011
Organization name Udmurt State University
Organization adress Universitetskaya st. 1, Izhevsk, Russia, 426034
Department/Unit Immunology and Cell Biology Department
Contact person Menshikov Igor V., Ph. D., Head of Immunology and Cell Biology Department, Professor of Biology
Phone +7-3412-916426
Fax +7-3412-685866
E-Mail miv140560@yandex.ru
Web-site http://udsu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Call identifier
Topic number HEALTH.2012.2.3.2-3: Prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis
Call Deadline 04.10.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The Udmurt State University is one of the biggest higher education institutions. More than 75 years the university has made an important contribution to social and economical branch of Udmurtia Republic. It cooperates with Russian science academies and other higher education institutions. It deals with education process organization, researching work, developing international relationships, making wide net of telecommunication through earth and satellite channels etc. The university together with plants, ministries and institutions are occupied with building up industrial branch of medical biotechnology. There are trained specialists for oil branch — oilmen and geologists, specialists for emergency control, ecology ministries, for all spheres of education, science, culture, sport, economy and law system. Research interests of Immunology and Cell Biology Department are: theoretical (mathematical modeling) and experimental researches of the idiotypic network; the Role of idiotype–antiidiotypic interactions in induction and development of autoimmune and oncologic diseases; autoimmunity in atherosclerosis.
Expertise offered The difficulties in developing HIV vaccine and ineffective antivirus therapy gives evidence of considering HIV infection as an extraordinary infectious disease. Present experimental evidence indicates that immunodeficiency during HIV infection is of autoimmune nature. Taking into account the fact of idiotype-anti-idiotipic interactions between anti-gp120 antibodies and anti-CD4+ autoantibodies, one can assume that gp120 proteins serve as inductor of autoimmune reaction against CD4+ lymphocytes via idiotipic interactions. This fact is the foundation on which we can suppose that effective approach for HIV infection treating could be selective suppression of anti-gp120 immune response, which abolish induction of autoimmune reaction against CD4+ cells. Antibodies against other virus antigens, for example gag, can control of virus. There are facts to prove our hypothesis: elite controllers of HIV infection have low level of anti-gp120 antibodies. The aim of the project is to work out the method of suppression anti-gp120 immune response and to study the influence of premises suppression on the autoimmune reaction against CD4+ lymphocytes. At the first stage it is necessary to select antigens inducing anti-CD4+ cell autoimmunity in animals. At the second stage the method of selective suppression of immune response against antigen inductor of anti-CD4 autoantibodies is to be worked out.
Scientific keywords Mechanisms of immune regulation Idiotypic immune network Autoimmune reactions Experimental model of autoimmune disease AIDS
Publications on the topic (other references)
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