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Moscow State Open University - Activity energy.2: renewable electricity generation /2.3: Wind

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Date of filling in 15.06.2011
Organization name Moscow State Open University
Organization adress 107996, Russian Federation , Moscow, st. Pavel Korchagin 22
Contact person Ivanayskiy A.V., Bulavina M.A.
Phone +7(495) 683-44-59; +7(495) 683-68-12
Fax +7(495) 683-68-12
E-Mail m.a.bulavina@yandex.ru
Web-site http://msou.ru
Organization type
  • Education
Special Programme
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Topic number Activity energy.2: renewable electricity generation /2.3: Wind
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Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): The University is based on the All-Union Order of Red Banner of Labor Correspondence Polytechnic Institute by the Government of the Russian Federation from 20.02.1992 № 101. The founder is the Government of the Russian Federation, the powers of the founder of the Federal Agency on Education.
Expertise offered Wind power 3.1 Rotor wind farm. The invention relates to electric power, particularly to structures wind power systems, the axis of rotation of the rotors of which are vertical and perpendicular to the direction of wind flow, and can be used to generate electricity at wind power plants with the issuance of both private and public power system. Rotary wind farm, which includes a guide apparatus with curved blades and a rotor with curved blades, a shaft which is mechanically connected to a shaft generator, wherein the rotor blades are made in the form of aerodynamic wings that are installed with a gap relative to the rotor shaft and blade guiding apparatus also made in the form aerodynamic wings, with the blades and vanes their concave surfaces are oriented in opposite circumferential directions, and the station is made of at least one module, each of which consists of a rotor and guide vanes, and its blades are installed with the angle of entry of wind flow 40-60 ° and at an angle of 30-80 ° at the exit.
Scientific keywords Energy,Higher Education, Science, Research, Management, Quality
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