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«Ecological technologies» - Transformation of wood, waste of wood and derivatives from humus substances in additional chemicals and materials

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Date of filling in 09.01.2008
Organization name «Ecological technologies»
Organization adress ul. Komsomolskaya, d.2, kv.1, Lunino, Penza region, 442730, RF
Department/Unit -
Contact person Bararajkin Vladimir, Head of the company
Phone +7-84161-21117; 21425; +7-9093221532
Fax +7-84161-21425
E-Mail bararw@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.bararw.narod.ru
Organization type
  • SME
  • Research
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
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Topic number Transformation of wood, waste of wood and derivatives from humus substances in additional chemicals and materials
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Expertise offered Recycling of all kinds of woodworking wastes, production of plywood, resin-bonded chipboard and cane fiber board, phenolic-carbamide-formaldehyde glutinous pitches and their components, glutinous products, wastes of pharmaceutical and biochemical industry, wastes of animal industries and poultry farming; their use in an agriculture as multipurpose certificated fertilizer UOMDD. Forest shelter belts - is a constant, inexhaustible source of multipurpose fertilizer UOMDD. There are patents of the Russian Federation, specifications, the certificate of conformity, the recommendation etc. Power of a wood - is a short-term rotation. We suggest to develop forest shelter belts as alternative, constantly renewed, inexhaustible, resource-saving source of fertilizer for replacement of industrial mineral fertilizers and for effective reproduction of fertility of ground.
Expected results: Increase in productivity of agricultural crops at 30-100 % during 3-4-х years, downturn of charges on agriculture and plant growing on 30 %. New resource-saving adaptive technologies based on ecological compatibility and biological processes in an agriculture. Downturn of concentration of heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates and other polluting substances on 10-50 %.
Scientific keywords Wood Fertilizers Phenol Formaldehyde Carbamide Plywood Agriculture Ground The biochemical industry
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