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Taganrog Technological Institute of the South Federal University - Synergetic approaches of self-organized information system creation

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Date of filling in 03.12.2007
Organization name Taganrog Technological Institute of the South Federal University
Organization adress ul. Shevchenko, 2, 347928, Taganrog, RF
Department/Unit Chair of Synergetic and Control Proceeding
Contact person Kononov Anton, PhD
Phone +7-8634-360707
Fax +7-8634360707
E-Mail anton@ritm.infotecstt.ru
Web-site http://www.tsure.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Call identifier
Topic number Synergetic approaches of self-organized information system creation
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Expertise offered The economical expansion of modern postindustrial world occurs in most great extent due to the information processing. At the same time modern experts believe, that the most dangerous waste is data. This conclusion is based on the fact that informational technologies are now developing in an extensive way: program means productivity, information channels throughput, memory capacity, etc. are extended. Russian ambitions to enlarge its presence at the international information technologies market cause first of all the necessity to create a new concept of creating self-organized information systems (IS). It is impossible to create its own technologies of information processing only by using organizational and technical means. The problem demands creating asymptotic information processing methods. The modern IS are hardware software program subsystems complexes. The subsystems are interrelated by the intensive dynamic information interaction. These supersystems are nonlinear, multidimensional and multilinked. They have complex transient response, critical and chaotic modes. The problem of the effective control of these dynamical macrosystems is very actual, complex and almost unavailable for existent approaches for suchlike systems managing in informatics. So, it is necessary to carry out fundamental scientific research devoted to the data managing process problems, i.e. searching for such managing algorithms, which would provide a high-degree information space compression and receiving high-quality macroinformation with simultaneous computational cost minimization and thus information systems prime cost. The absence of IS modern concept creation affects the capacity of these systems to meet modern demands to the information processing rate and quality, IS stability and economic effectiveness negatively. So, the aim of this project is working out an application theory and self-organized information systems synergetic synthesis methods.
Problems to be solved and results: As result a projects works will:
  1. acquitted researches of synthesis problems of control algorithm of information processing, information conversion and transfer;
  2. designed applied synergetic theory of information processing control;
  3. created methods of synergetic data transfer;
  4. designed methods of synergetic cryptology and и data compression
Scientific keywords Information hierarchical systems self-organization nonlinear dynamic
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