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Saratov State Agrarian University - SSH.2011.2.1-1 Economic, social and political conditions for satisfying the world food needs

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Date of filling in 03.12.2010
Organization name Saratov State Agrarian University
Organization adress 410012, Teatralnaya plozhad 1, Saratov, Russia
Department/Unit Management and Agribusiness department
Contact person Dr. Marina Muravyeva, PhD Economic Sciences, Deputy Dean in charge of scientific, innovative activity and international cooperation of «Management and Agribusiness department»
Phone +7-8452-262342
Fax +7-8452-262342
E-Mail muravmar2007(a)yandex.ru
Web-site http://www.sgau.ru
Organization type
  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number SSH.2011.2.1-1 Economic, social and political conditions for satisfying the world food needs
Call Deadline 02.02.2010
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines):
  • Our university was founded on the 14th of May 1913. Major directions: educational (more than 23 thousand students are taught at university preparing for 43 specialties, including joint international Master programs) and scientific research(university has 33 scientific production structures, scientific laboratories, training scientific research production complex, technopark, аgroexpocentre, information consulting ser-vice.
  • As for scientific sphere, „Management and agribusiness department“ specialises in the research of agromarketing and agrarian markets, economic modelling in agricultural raw materials and foodstuffs production, studying market infrastructure and agroproduction and foodstuffs production business envi-ronment, agroproduction management, production safety. Annually the scientists of our department con-duct scientific research according to the order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture.
Expertise offered In the frame of project realization it is supposed:
  • to conduct research of economic, social, political conditions of agricultural materials and foodstuffs production on the territory of Russian Federation, CIS countries;
  • to define possible participation of Russia and CIS countries in satisfying world foodstuffs needs taking into account qualitative and quantitive demands, ecology and market development, as well as to create the models of share participation of various countries in world ecological nutrition production in different conditions;
  • to create prognosis scenarios of the role of agriculture and agroinnovations (in the areas of genetics, selection, bioengineering, sociomanagerial decisions, animal breeding and mechanization of agro-industrial sectors of various countries) foodstuffs production in accordance with demography, globalization, policy, terrorism, creation of new energy sources;
  • to organize information-consultative programs for foodstuffs producers from countries-project participants on distribution of necessary information on world foodstuffs market opportunities, world population demand, information distribution in the framework of research conduct.
Scientific keywords Research of foodstuffs production conditions of CIS countries; Analytics of production opportunities of Russia and CIS countries in satisfying foodstuffs needs; Scenario forecasting of foodstuffs market development; Information-consulting
Publications on the topic (other references)
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  • Muravyeva M.V., Norovyatkin V.I. The license of state registration of data base “Consulting activity of the scientists of agrarian specialty of the Volga Region in the framework of information-consulting service of agro-industrial complex of the Saratov Region”// Registed in the Federal Agency on Intellectual ownership, patents and trade marks on the 15th of September 2009 № 2009620453.
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