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Saratov State Agrarian University - KBBE.2011.1.1-02: Integrated approach to studying effects of combined biotic and abiotic stress in crop plants

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Date of filling in 03.12.2010
Organization name Saratov State Agrarian University
Organization adress 410012, Teatralnaya plozhad 1, Saratov, Russia
Department/Unit Agronomy Faculty: Plant Cultivation, Plant Breeding and Genetics De-partment, Resource-saving Farming Laboratory
Contact person Prof. Victor Narushev, Professor for Plant Cultivation, Plant Breeding and Genetics Department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Phone +7-8452-262307
Fax +7-8452-262307
E-Mail viktor_narushev(a)rambler.ru
Web-site http://www.sgau.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBE.2011.1.1-02: Integrated approach to studying effects of combined biotic and abiotic stress in crop plants
Call Deadline 25.01.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Our university is one of the largest educational establishments, training experts for the Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia. Research is conducted in plant cultivation, farming, plant breeding, seed-growing, mechanization, electrification, irrigation, land reclamation, zootechny, veterinary medicine, crop storage and processing, economics, management, etc. Innovation infrastructure comprises 30 research laboratories, technological park, veterinary hospital, extension service and agro center. The resource-saving farming laboratory develops anti-stress technologies for crop cultivation in arid regions. Our team of 4 Doctors of Sciences, 5 Ph. Ds, 3 laboratory assistants an engineers defended 2 doctoral and 5 candidate theses, got 2 patents, published over 100 papers, including 3 monographs, 4 textbooks and 3 production manuals. Our laboratory actively cooperates with leading agribusinesses and research institutes, involves post-graduates in research.
Expertise offered The Resource-saving Farming Laboratory does research actively in impacts of combined biotic and abiotic stresses on cereal crops. To make plants resistant to abiotic stresses (frost, drought, hot weather, etc.) and to sustain agrocenosis productivity we developed agro-ecological techniques for arid zone in the lower Volga. We selected drought-resistant crop varieties, improved crop rotation system and developed water-saving technologies for crop cultivation. To make cereals biotic stress-resistant we use minimum tillage, biological farming and complex phyto-land reclamation. To decrease pesticide effects we suggest trap cropping; treatment of seeds with prolonged insecticides, system and mixed chemicals, etc.
For the nearest future we are planning to elaborate special anti-stress technologies for field crop cultivation based on close study of physiology for increasing plant stress-resistance to biotic and abiotic factors.
For decreasing stress impacts of droughts we are going to research possibilities of combining minimum tillage with other techniques (moldboard plowing, chisel tillage) enabling to use effectively soil moisture.
To improve biological farming it is necessary to optimize acreage under leguminous plants and Cruciferae, perennial grasses and alternative plants in crop rotations; to sow more green manure crops; to use completely residues.
We are starting to investigate efficiency of different biostimulants and growth regulators as preparations increasing resistance to chemicals treatment (Mival-agro, Krezacin, humates, etc.). To eliminate negative chemicals effect we suggest making bio-cocktails from fertilizers, pesticides, biostimulants, growth regulators and microelements as well as studying their effectiveness for increasing crop yields, reducing pesticides doses, minimizing expenses and ecologically clean production.
Precison farming could be a good way for implementing integrated approach for researching into effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on grains. Our resource-saving farming laboratory has high research potential and developed material and technical infrastructure for practical implementation of the project and is eager to collaborate in FP7.
Scientific keywords Effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on grains; Drought-resistant crop varieties, crop rotations, water-saving technologies; Minimum tillage, biological farming technologies, complex phyto-land reclamation; Biological and anti-stress preparations; Precision farming
Publications on the topic (other references)
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