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Center for sociological researches "MICAR" - ENV.2011.1.3.2-1 Building societal resilience to disasters in Europe

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Date of filling in 12.08.2010
Organization name Center for sociological researches "MICAR"
Organization adress 140180, Russian Federation, Gykovskiy,20 Dugina str., office 173
Department/Unit -
Contact person Irina Krutiy, Head Of The Center, Associate Professor, Phd In Sociology
Phone +7-916-6053106
E-Mail irinakrutiy@gmail.com
Web-site http://www.micar.su
Organization type
  • Research
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
Call identifier
Topic number ENV.2011.1.3.2-1 Building societal resilience to disasters in Europe
Call Deadline 16.11.2010 17:00 (Brussels local time)
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): MICAR was established as a research center in 2008. Actual problems and phenomena, which currently are in scope MICAR’s research interests are the following: Social modeling Transnational interaction and transnational networks Innovative development of modern society Human and social capital Modern migration flows Soft power in modern world policy Internet – space
Expertise offered Modeling of social resilience to disasters taking into account state, socio - cultural and socio-psychological characteristics. Building scenarios of human behavior changes, working out methods for improving social risks management and recovery.
Scientific keywords Social modeling; Social policy; Mechanisms oh innovative development; Analytical work and interpretation; Working out strategies and recomendations
Publications on the topic (other references) Krasina Olga, Krutiy Irina, Zangieva Irina (co-authors) “Development of transnational networks in the context of modern societies communications: Russian – Japan” - Moscow: MUH Publishing house, 2009; “Public diplomacy in the process of constructing national image in world affairs: perspectives for Russia”, published on CD, prepared for 17-th World Sociological Congress, Sweden, Goteborg, July, 2010, N. Chusova, I. Krutiy, M. Guah (Erasmus University Rotterdam) “Migration Processes in Russia and Europe: Problems and Positive Experience” – European Society or European Societies: a View from Russia, Moscow-Lisbon, 2009
Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation Our research center is cooperating and looking for further cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations, European researches, conducting joint cross- disciplinary researches, participation in European and international grant programs (for example competition “Cooperation” of 7th Frame program of EU, Obuchi Fund, Japan). Two our researches also work in Russian FP7 Contact Point «SSH». There for we have wide experience in proposal writing for FP7. SSH.2010.4.1.1 Europe facing a rising multi-polar world MERITS Modelling Europe's Role in Transition toward Sustainable Global Governance Geometry SSH.2010.2.2-1 (EU regions and their interaction with the neighbourhood regions) HOLA-NEIGHBOUR Project full title: Socio-economic context, competitiveness and innovation in EU regions and their interaction with the PECOs± regions.
Previous participation in EU’s Framework Programme projects