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Voronezh State University - ENV.2011-1.1.2-1: The impact of atmospheric pollution on European land ecosystems and soil in a changing climate; Env.2011-2.1.6-1: Land-use and European forest ecosystems

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Date of filling in 05.10.2010
Organization name Voronezh State University
Organization adress Universitetskaya sq.,1, Voronezh, 394006, Russian Federation
Department/Unit Department of ecology and land resources
Contact person Devyatova T.A., head of department, professor, doctor of science in biology specialization
Phone +7-4732-208265
Fax +7-4732-208265
E-Mail elr@bio.vsu.ru,
Web-site http://www.vsu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
Call identifier
Topic number ENV.2011-1.1.2-1: The impact of atmospheric pollution on European land ecosystems and soil in a changing climate; Env.2011-2.1.6-1: Land-use and European forest ecosystems
Call Deadline 16.11.2010
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Voronezh State University (VSU) was founded in 1918 on the basis evacuated from Estonia, Russian University of Dorpat (founded in 1802). VSU (23,000 studentov/2500 prepodavateley/460 professors) is in the top 10 classical universities of Russia in the University comprises 18 faculties including biology and soil, chemical and geographical departments, which may potentially participate in the project. Experiments under natural conditions may be conducted on the basis of the Voronezh Biosphere Reserve, Biological Station and Botanical Garden, members of the VSU.
Expertise offered The scientific personnel carries out working out of a theoretical and information basis of research of a condition of biosystems of Central Black Earth region of the Russian Federation. The area of scientific interests includes following sections: biodiagnostics of soils on activity of enzyms, research of ecosystems by zoological methods, researches of anthropogenous transformation of chemical, physical and chemical and biological properties of soils of the agricultural and urbanised territories, researches of issue of greenhouse gases by soils (N2O, CO2, CH4). Objects of researches are components экосистем (soils, vegetation, mesofauna), especially protected natural territories, agrolandscapes, bottom land and floodplain landscapes, the urbanised territories
Scientific keywords
Publications on the topic (other references)
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