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Limited liability company «Innovative research-and-production center «INNOTECH» - KBBE.2011.4-03 Передача результатов научных исследований. Collaborative Project (large-scale integrating project).

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Date of filling in 18.08.2010
Organization name Limited liability company «Innovative research-and-production center «INNOTECH»
Organization adress The Russian Federation, 650000 Kemerovo, N. Ostrovsky st., 32 of. 444
Department/Unit Department of educational and noncommercial projects
Contact person Nikitenko Sergey Michajlovich, The director, Ph.D., docent
Phone +7(3842)369-303
Fax +7(3842)369-303
E-Mail nsm.nis@mail.ru

Web-site http://eicc-kem.org

Organization type
  • Consultancy
  • SME
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBE.2011.4-03 Передача результатов научных исследований. Collaborative Project (large-scale integrating project).
Call Deadline 02.02.2011 17:00 (Brussels local time)
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): «Innovative research-and-production center" «INNOTECH» - one of the organizations of a regional infrastructure of support of innovative business. The center is registered on the basis of the decision of Council of rectors of high schools of Kuzbass. Founders of the Center are: Committee on management of the state property of the Kemerovo region and six universities of region. The primary goals of the Center – advancement maintenance on the market of results of intellectual activity of high schools of region, preparation of experts for innovative sphere. At «Innovative research-and-production center" «INNOTECH» develop: regional representation of the Euro Info Center (project Gate2Rubin), department of protection and intellectual property commercialization, department of educational and noncommercial projects. The command has experience of vocational training of the experts which analysis has led to comprehension of necessity of association of efforts of managers-experts, psychologists, teachers and representatives of manufacture for the purpose of creation of the most effective model of preparation of the expert for modern manufacture and market relations.
Expertise offered The offered project is directed on conflicts resolution between a labor market inquiries to new generation experts preparation and a modern classical education system. The classical approach in the formation directed on development of empirical thinking and natural mental functions, doesn't create conditions for the person consciousness development, his ability to orientate in the changing world, intelligently and painless to join in productive professional work. The given contradiction manifests itself especially sharply during new specialties’ experts preparation. One of them is the «manager of innovative activity in scientific-technical and industrial spheres» specialty. Problems of young experts preparation in the enterprises orders can be decided directly in the training course before graduating that will allow to keep educational, scientific and professional potential of graduating young experts, to solve a problem of socially-psychological and professional intensity of pregraduates, and to reduce social intensity in a society. New generation experts preparation assumes development in the initiative and responsibility training course, and abilities to orientate in market relations dynamics, to operate the plurality reflection process of communications and relations of the valid market. These abilities assume development of the higher cogitative forms shown in structurally-functional changes of consciousness, the person axiological-semantic sphere development, interests sphere expansion. The expert preparation model in innovative management on which creation the given project is directed, will be created on the categorical-dialectic methodology basis and essentially new approach following from it in the formation which author is the adviser - the expert of the given project L.I. Krupina. This approach is directed on development of the higher cogitative forms, axiological-semantic sphere of subjects consciousness of educational process (and the teacher and the pupil) and – as consequence – their personal and professional competence development. The conducted researches have shown that the given approach in formation provides not only high level of professional competence, but also promotes development of informative motivation, integrity of attitude, initiative and responsibility, abilities to be guided in any maintenance and positively to resolve problem social situations. For creation of model of preparation of the expert which is declared as the project purpose, it is planned: • to pick up the diagnostic toolkit, allowing to predict success of performance of the future professional work, and also dynamics of changes of personal and professional competence in the course of training; • to create training programs, to develop the special courses focused on specificity of high school, to conduct research with successfully working professionals in the field on purpose validation psychodiagnostic techniques, • to conduct research prior to the beginning of training on older years of universities for the purpose of definition of an initial level of development of corresponding abilities; • to spend practical approbation of programs of preparation of experts in experimental and control groups, • to investigate dynamics of development of axiological-semantic sphere of the person in the course of vocational training; • to develop model of the expert; • to write the program, methodical recommendations and to prepare a package of diagnostic toolkit which will be taken as a principle models of preparation of the manager of innovative activity in scientific and technical and industrial spheres. On the basis of the developed program there is possible a realization of preparation of managers of the innovative activity possessing developed system of consciousness, conceptual thinking, professional competence – in the result of capable to reduce to a minimum the adaptable period of transition to practical activities. Besides, the experts prepared within the limits of the offered approach will be capable to mastering by any reality situations demanding the analysis, planning and a reflection. Basic novelty of offered decisions - unity of dialectic aspects of the is substantial-remedial parties of work on overcoming of chaotic disorder of thinking and purposeful development of consciously-valid thinking. The given approach has no analogs in world practice of preparation of experts.
Scientific keywords Motivation; Innovative thinking; Training; Model of preparation of experts; Thinking
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Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation 1. Project SITE (Siberia, information technology and Europe), 6РП EU (IST) «Technologies of information community». 2004-2006 2. The project "Gathering and recycling of the fulfilled oils in Kuzbass". USAID, № 1188GR10/ISC-2003 3. The project «Maintenance of steady socially-ecological development МО« the Kemerovo area »on the basis of introduction of effective resource-saving technologies». № 2117/1 GR15/ISC-2005 4. The project "Support of the export-focused innovative small and average enterprises" - EUROPAID / 121069 / C / SV / RU, 2006-2009г.г. 5. The project «Formation at inhabitants МО of motivation of innovative thinking and increase of level of their social activity on an example of realization of the approved projects», USAID, № CDSP 4-27, 2008-2009
Previous participation in EU’s Framework Programme projects