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Kyrgyzstan -Turkey Manas University - OCEAN.2011-2 Marine microbial diversity – new insights into marine ecosystems functioning and its biotechnological potentional

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Date of filling in 17.08.2010
Organization name Kyrgyzstan -Turkey Manas University
Organization adress 720044, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN Mira Avenue, 56
Department/Unit Faculty of Engineering, department of Environmental Engineering
Contact person Dr. Nurzat Totubaeva
Phone +996(312) 54-19-42-47, +996(0777)41-80-45
Fax +996(312)54-19-35
E-Mail nurzat77@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.manas.edu.kg
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
Call identifier
Topic number OCEAN.2011-2 Marine microbial diversity – new insights into marine ecosystems functioning and its biotechnological potentional
Call Deadline 18.01.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Kyrgyzstan -Turkey Manas University has been opened in 1995. Is one of leading HIGH SCHOOLS of Kyrgyzstan, the equipped modern labware (one of front lines in Central Asia), possesses rich library fund. The engineering faculty is one of leading faculties of the university, engaged Researches in the field of ecological, food, computer engineering. Scientists prosecuting subjects of a microbiodiversity, biotechnology, biochemistry and эпидемиологии ecosystems will be participants of the project.
Expertise offered Participation in the project of MNTTS КР-1101 «the Estimation of spatial mechanisms of pollution of territory of Kyrgyzstan the activator of the Siberian ulcer» (2005-2007). Participation in преокте the central-Asian Transboundary project on preservation of a biodiversity of Western Tjan-Shanja “Definition of the area of distribution and defeat percent Kyrgyzstan firs of Semenova mushroom disease a fir cancer” (2004-2005).
Scientific keywords Bioindication of ecosystems; Biodiversity; Self-purification; Saprobiont; Water body pollution
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • Bioindication of technogenic pollution of the city environment the Moscow international Scientifically-practical conference «BIOTECHNOLOGY: ECOLOGY of BIG CITIES», March 2010г.
  • Biodiversity of Streptomyces of high-mountainous ecosystems of Kyrgyzstan and its biotechnological potential, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Volume 89, Numbers 3-4, May 2006, pp. 325-328(4)
Description of previous and present experience in International Cooperation Estimation of anthropogenous loading on lake Issyk Kul on a condition biodiversity its microflorae. Issyk Kul one of the largest mountain lakes of the world, located in a northeast part of Kyrgyzstan. It is rich with a specific variety. The lake is included in the List of vodno-marsh grounds of the Ramsarsky Convention, having international value. High appeal of lake to tourists, anthropogenous loadings make negative impact on a biodiversity of unique lake. The present project plans: to study a microbic variety of lake which until now isn't studied. To reveal display kinds to pollution which to allow to state an estimation of a condition of lake, its self-clearing ability. Advantages of this method that display kinds give a signal about "trouble" of an ecosystem much earlier, than change hydrochemical analyses that allows to state a high-grade estimation of a condition of lake. The purpose of the given work: to study a microbic variety of lake Issyk Kul, to state an estimation of self-clearing ability of lake and to reveal degree of anthropogenous loading on it.
Previous participation in EU’s Framework Programme projects