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Kirov State Medical Academy - KBBR.2011.2.2-01 Development of functional foods and ingredients

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Date of filling in 18.08.2010
Organization name Kirov State Medical Academy
Organization adress 112, Karl Marx Street, Kirov, 610027, Russian Federation
Department/Unit Faculty of Expertise and Commodity Research
Contact person Assoc. Prof. Lyudmila N. Zonova, dean of the faculty of expertise and commodity research, head of the department of commodity research
Phone +7(8332) 67-01-90, 67-90-83
Fax +7(8332) 64-07-34
E-Mail zonova@dp.kirov.ru;
Web-site http://htp://www.kirovgma.ru
Organization type
  • Education
Special Programme
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)
Call identifier
Topic number KBBR.2011.2.2-01 Development of functional foods and ingredients
Call Deadline 19.08.2011
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Faculty of expertise and commodity research of Kirov State Medical Academy trains students in quality of consumer goods and in retail and wholesale trade. The faculty pays special attention to food sources for functional nutrition. Since the year 2005 we have been investigating functional foods of mass consumption in accordance with basic principles of food production. During this time period the faculty has worked out new formulations and has produced a trial line of spreads enriched with lecithin; dairy and bread products enriched with plant supplements of local origin; minced fish products that are being used in school canteens. We have taken out a patent for biologically active supplement “Bionat” and annually do research by request of various enterprises in Kirov region and evaluate the quality of goods in particular and consumer market in general. 30 researchers from seven departments are enrolled in investigation of the topic, two of the departments are medicine oriented.
Expertise offered Participation in investigation of functional foods and quality control in all the stages of their production and storing; evaluation of customers’ preferences
Scientific keywords functional nutrition; biologically active supplements; wild berries and fruit; investigation of functional foods
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • A.V. Krylova, L.N. Zonova. Arguments for substitution of wheat bread by biologically active dietary supplements to produce minced fish products of functional indications //www.ssc.smr.ru/media/journals/izvestia/2009/2009_1_1074_1076.pdf
  • D.B. Loktev, L.N. Zonova. Research of organoleptic indicators of low-fat quark with addition the dried up berries of blueberry //http://www.ssc.smr.ru/media/journals/izvestia/2009/2009_1_1077_1079.pdf
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