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Voronezh State Medical Academy - HEALTH-2009-3.3-1: Psychical health of children and teenagers

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Date of filling in 08.12.2008
Organization name Voronezh State Medical Academy
Organization adress 10 ul. Studencheskaya, 394000, Voronezh, RF
Department/Unit Pediatrics Chair
Contact person Neretina Alla, DSc, Professor, Head of Chair
Phone +7-4732-372870
E-Mail yaroslav_turovsk@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.vsma.ac.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Call identifier
Topic number HEALTH-2009-3.3-1: Psychical health of children and teenagers
Call Deadline
Short description of the organization (max 12 lines): Burdenko VSMA was founded in 1918, and has the international partnership with Germany, Estonia, China on clinical medicine, directions of development of Pediatrics, new medical directions (genetics, high technologies) and improving of created scientific schools (on cardiology, laser medicine, pulmonology, nephrology, neurology). Pediatrics Chair has long-term experience of cooperation with leading scientific institutions of Russia on a hereditary pathology in Pediatrics, including neurology, has long experience of working in versatile pediatrics hospital. All staff are people who have scientific degree and scientific ranks, and they all are doctors of the highest or the first category. Priority directions of scientific and clinical activity of Pediatrics Chair are: hereditary exocrinopathies, actual questions of children's psychoneurology, genetics, pulmonology.
Expertise offered
Scientific keywords Pediatrics Genetics Neurology Pulmonology Infections
Publications on the topic (other references)
  • Modern aspects of clinic-social rehabilitation of children with deviations in psycho-neurological development. Magazine "Zdravoohranenie", 9, with. 71 - 76. 2004 6 pages Shvyryov A.P., Ermolenko N.A.
  • Social orphans - features of somatic and psychological status. Article in materials of V Russian congresses "Modern technologies in pediatrics and children's surgery". Moscow, 2006 page 304 Neretina A.F., Sycheva E.K., Abramova T.V., Kruchkova L.N.
  • Features of psycho-neurological development of children from 3 about 36 months depending on genesis of psycho-neurological frustrations. Clause in the almanac "Iscelenie", 7. Moscow, page 47-53 Neretina A.F., Skvorzov I.A., Ermolenko N.A.
  • The analysis of dynamics of depressive displays in children and teenagers with suicidal behaviour depending at various circuits of treatment. Clause in the scientific - medical bulletin of Central Black-soil Region. - 3 quarters 2006.- 25. page 7-15 Kosheleva G.G., Neretina A.F., Shiryaev O.Yu.
  • Formation of psycho-neurological functions at healthy children of preschool age. The methodical manual for clinical ordinators, post-graduate students, neurologists, doctors of common practice, psychologists. 126 pages Ermolenko N.A., Neretina A.F.
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