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Voronezh State Medical Academy - Insulin resistance as a key factor in the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome

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Date of filling in 26.03.2007
Organization name Voronezh State Medical Academy
Organization adress 10 ul. Studencheskaya, 394000, Voronezh, RF
Department/Unit Chair of Endocrinology
Contact person Zoloedov Vladimir, DSc, Professor, Head of Chair
Phone +7-4732-530576
E-Mail +7-4732-530005
Web-site http://www.vsma.ac.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
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Topic number Insulin resistance as a key factor in the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome
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Expertise offered According to the purpose of research the study of insulin resistance and molecular mechanisms of action of amaranth oil for a membrane β-cell, fatty, muscles tusses is planned, disorders of carbohydrate and fatty exchanges and is cardiovascular complications on the patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The circuits of application of amaranth oil will be developed, the estimation of efficiency of amaranth oil as medical means in therapy of diabetes and metabolic syndrome and preventive - in preservation of health of the population is carried out. The new approaches to correction of insulin resistance on the persons suffering obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are offered. Scientific novelty of the project is the development of the new approaches to treatment of insulin resistance on the patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes using of amaranth oil and products on his basis. The programs of preventive maintenance of development diabetes and metabolic syndrome in the inhabitants of Europe and Russia with a tentative estimation both account of presence and character of insulin resistance will be offered.
Problems to be solved and results: improvement of quality of life and increase of life expectancy of the population at the expense of introduction in a diet of functional amaranth food products. Increase of efficiency of treatment of such serious diseases of the man as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
Scientific keywords insulin resistance diabetes mellitus metabolic syndrome
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