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Tambov State University - Studing of health fundamentals

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Date of filling in 08.06.2007
Organization name Tambov State University
Organization adress 33 ul. Internacionalnaya, 392000, Tambov, RF
Department/Unit Chair of clinical discipline
Contact person Voronin Igor, DSc, Professor, Head of Chair
Phone +7-4752-723440
Fax +7-4752-723631
E-Mail ns@tsu.tmb.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Call identifier
Topic number Studing of health fundamentals
Call Deadline
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Expertise offered The goal of this project is to form an effective system of protection, control and correction of public health by increasing a number of applied works in the field of health fundamentals in the following directions:
  • Study of human compensatory mechanisms where not only relatively healthy participants are assumed to participate, but also people who belong to a high risk group (smokers, overweight, night time workers) and who have various functional disorders (desynchronosis, various dysfunctions of cardio-respiratory systems and other consequences of wrong adaptation)
  • Study of biorhythmic specifics of the human body, such as physiological mechanisms of sleep and factors, influencing its structure and quality
  • Increase in a number of alternative (non-medical) treatments of various functions of the human body by using new scientifically proven methods of correction and rehabilitation.
  • Complex researches allowing to consider various specific human type differences (somatic type, vegetative, constitution, psychophysiological constitution, chronotype and et. al.).
Problems to be solved and results:
  • Production of complex evaluation of public health in certain age, gender and social groups
  • Creation of conditions to provide advice in health protection and human adaptation
  • Development of guidance of diagnostic procedures of health functional condition
  • Broadening of the scope of scientifically proven correction methods of functional resources of the human body by using various non-medical treatments (music, scents, electric stimulation, intensive white colour, bio rhythm balance), considering individual biological specifics
Scientific keywords cardio-vascular system nervous system biological rhythms non-medical optimization constitution
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