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Belgorod State University - The new ecologically clean refrigerator

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Date of filling in 24.08.2007
Organization name Belgorod State University
Organization adress ul. Pobedy 85, 308015, Belgorod, RF
Department/Unit Chair of Mathematical Analysis
Contact person Chekanov Nikolay, DSc, Head of Chair
Phone +7-4722-301816
Fax +7-4722-301012
E-Mail chekanov@bsu.edu.ru
Web-site http://www.bsu.edu.ru
Organization type
  • Research
  • Education
Special Programme
Environment (including climate change) (ENV)
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Topic number The new ecologically clean refrigerator
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Expertise offered In 1987 the leading countries of the world signed the Montreal protocol concerning the substances which destroy the ozone layer of the Earth, in which freons in particular were admitted to be ecologically dangerous substances.
The existing refrigerators work mainly on low-boiling refrigerants (t boiling-point < 0 C) – ammonia, freons, which are considered to be dangerous. The programme of piecemeal replacement and, by the beginning of the new century, total cessation of production of ozone destructive substances and their use in domestic and industrial refrigerators and other devices was worked out.
Besides, because of the critical level of heat pollution of the Earth at the Kyoto conference on the 11th of December, 1997 the U.N.O. delegates defined 6 gases (including freons) which cause the greenhouse effect and the destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth. The resolution of the Kyoto conference after accepting it by Russia, were implemented from the 16th of February, 2005.
In this connection appeared the problem of working out the non-freon environmentally appropriate refrigerators which by their economy will be equal to the present freon refrigerators. The researches mainly considered the ways of substitution the freons for non-ozonedestructive low-boiling refrigerants (t boiling-point < 0 C) in the traditional refrigerating systems. But the refrigerants used now don’t solve the problem because they are either uneconomical, or dangerous in use or expensive and ecologically dangerous.
Our project offers as a refrigerants the high-boiling substances (t boiling-point > 0 C) among which there is a big choice of environmentally appropriate and safe to handle substances (for example, water, ethanol, methanol or their solutions). In traditional compressive refrigerators working on low-boiling refrigerants, operational pressure spectrum is from ~1 bar (pressure in the evaporator) to 10-30 bar (pressure in the condenser) and temperature spectrum is -30 C – 50 C. To make the refrigerator work in the same spectrum of temperatures but on high-boiling refrigerants the necessary operational pressure spectrum will be from 1 Torr in the evaporator to 200-400 Torr in the condenser.
As alcohol and its production are regarded to be environmentally appropriate and alcohol refrigerator is better than freon one by its economy, then the problem of environmentally appropriate non-freon refrigerator can be solved radically. It should be noticed that the production of alcohol refrigerators can be completely provided with the materials traditional for this branch and it doesn’t demand the expensive technologies.
In conclusion we should say that the main idea of the new environmentally appropriate refrigerating machine is to use the systems of low pressure (p < 1 bar), namely vacuum pump instead of traditionally used compressor. This gives us the opportunity to use as refrigerants the broad range of environmentally appropriate substances, for example ethanol, methanol or their water solutions. The offered machine can be used for obtaining cold in domestic and industrial refrigerators and in air-conditioners. The suggested solution is defended by 2 patents: Blyumkin M.M., Borovlev V.I., Inopin E.V., Ryzhkov V.I., Chekanov N.A. Refrigerating unit. The patent of Ukraine for invention № 23030, F25B29/00, 30.06.1998 and the patent of Kamyshanchenko N.V., Mahanjkov G.V., Ryzhkov I.V., Taran A.V., Chekanov N.A. Vapor rotary refrigerating machine. The patent of the Russian Federation for invention № 2170890, 20.07.2001.
Prospective results:
  1. Making, at least, the experimental model and measuring its parameters on the test desk;
  2. Bringing the parameters of the refrigerator to the demanded characteristic and making the experimental model for the industrial production;
Scientific keywords Refrigerator High-boiling refrigerants Ethanol Methanol Vacuum pump Freons Ozone Kyoto protocol
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