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Kaluga Branch of Moscow Timiryazev State Academy of Agriculture Russian State Agrarian University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Gruchkin, Alexandr Georgievich 

Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology

Short Descript: Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology was founded in 1972. KemIFST is the only Institute that does complex training of specialists for almost all branches of food industry. It has 4 departments: technological, mechanical, economical, of multilevel prepararion, multistage professional training of specialists, secondary technical and correspondence one. In the Institute there 2 dissertation councils dealing with defense of doctoral and candidate thesis. KemIFST possesses the necessary and sufficient scientific, personnel and professional potential to carry out the amount of work planned. The biggest scientific schools in the country were established that are headed by honored science workers; three fourths of the faculty have scientific degrees. More that 50 patents for objects of intellectual property were received, 38 textbooks and manuals was published for the students of main branches of food industry.

Contact Person: Matusovich, Denis V. 

Kuban State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Motsar, Larisa S. 

Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after I.I. Ivanov

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Semykin, Vladimir Anatolevich 

Kursk State Medical University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Lazarenko, Victor A. 

Kursk state technical university

Short Descript: Kursk State Technical University, one of the leading institutions of higher education of the Russian Federation, was founded in 1964.The University is proud of a great team of professors and teachers. High-qualified specialists are trained in 65 fields. Scientific activity is widely developed in the following directions: computer technologies, bioengineering, physics, chemistry, economy, jurisprudence, other technical and humanity sciencies.

Contact Person: Sukhorukova, Ludmila - 

Kursk State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, Kudinov, Vitaliy A. 

Lipetsk State Technical University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Meshcherjakov, Victor N. 

Namangan engineering-economical institute

Short Descript: Namangan engineering economic institute was organized on the base of Tashkent textile and light industry institute. The mechanic - technological faculty of NamEEI, interested in participation in FP7, consists of 22 staff members, among them two doctors of science, professors. Depаrtment, along with education student, conducts research work in the following areas:

  • improvement to technologies and technology of the primary processing the pat,
  • improvement to technologies and technology to textile industry,
  • conversion departure filaments and cheese to textile industry,
  • improvement to technologies leather product,
  • processing cocoon by means of electro - actuated water,
  • improvement production polymer by way exclusive chromatograph.

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Muradov, Rustam - 

Open Company "Ecological technologies"

Short Descript: Development and introduction of wastes recycling programs, their processings and to use in an agriculture as fertilizer UOMDD. New resource-saving technologies in agriculture; reproduction of ground fertile layer and it revegetation under pollution by chemical preparations and others substances

Contact Person: Bararaikin, Vladimir Petrovich 

Orel State Agrarian University

Short Descript: Orel State Agrarian University was founded in 1975. Now the University is a large, dynamically developing Research and Cultural Centre of the Central regions of Non-Black zone, which includes 5 faculties: agro business and ecology, biotechnology and veterinary medicine, economic, agro techniques and energy supply, etc. Orel State Agrarian University became a winner of the Innovation Education program “Development of the transfer regional system of the innovation technologies in animal husbandry”. In the Orel regional centre of the agricultural biotechnology that was created in 2001 on the money being received from grant of Science Ministry of the Russian Federation. 20 persons work in the center, among them 2 Doctors of Sciences, 17 Candidates of Sciences, more than 100 scientific works are published, including 5 study books, 5 monographs. The work of the scientific school is carried out in several directions: “Biotechnological processing of agricultural and industrial wastes”; “Extraction of biological active components and their testing as ecologically safe means of plant protection”; “Production of Biological Active Additives (BAA) for food and forage industry”.

Contact Person: DSc, professor, Pavlovskaya, Ninel E. 

Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I.Vavilov

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: DSc, professor, Kaluzhniy, Ivan Isayevich 

Saratov Sate University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, - - 

Slavyansk-on-Kuban State Pedagogical Institute

Short Descript: The institute was founded 14 years ago. The institute includes 3000 students and 200 faculty. The Institute strength is progressiveness of a management. As institute small, innovations are approved and implemented quickly. «Measurement of latent variables» is the basic research of the institute. This research is supported by 17 grants, including one grant of Institute of the Open Society, one grant of Ford Fund, two grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, four grants of Fulbright Program, five grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and four grants of the Russian Foundation for Humanities. The Institute conducted 10 annual All-Russia (with the international participation) scientifically-practical conferences «Theory and Practice of Measurements of Latent Variables in Education and Other Social and Economic Systems» and 5 schools for the faculty «Measurement of Latent Variables». Importance of the research is explained by the fact that the majority of variables in social studies are latent and the adequate toolkit is necessary for their measurement. There were published 50 articles and 5 monographs.

Contact Person: D.Sc., Maslak, Anatoliy A. 

Modern University for Humanities

Short Descript: The Modern University for the Humanities is young and one of the most advanced Russian universities, possesses a big number of branches: today it unites more than 600 educational centers in Russia and abroad. Educational process in the MUH is based on the satellite telecommunication educational technology, which facilitates educational process in all distant centers of the University.

Contact Person: PhD, Krutiy, Irina A. 

Taganrog Technological Institute of the South Federal University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, - - 

Tajik state national university

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Mirboboev, Mirzoanvar M. 

Tambov State Technical University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, - - 

Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Levina, Vera N. 

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, - - 

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