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Scientific Organisation Questionnaire

The Russian Federation Education Academy institute of pedagogics and psychology of professional education 
The type of the organization  
Country RU 
Region Tatarstan 
City Kazan 
Coordinator The Department of studying of professional education’s foreign experience,  research officer,  Umetbayeva Dinara Aidarovna
Address RU, Tatarstan, 420039 Kazan Isaeva str.,12
Telephone +79172483428 
Fax +7-843-5423844 
web-page http://www.kcn.ru/tat_ru/science/ispo_rao/index.htm
Brief Description The institute of pedagogics and psychology of professional education was founded in 1975. There is a scientific council of defenses of doctoral and candidates dissertations. Scholar training is done in the sphere of pedagogics and psychology. 
Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU
Cooperation Socioeconomics Sciences and Humanities Growth, Employment and Competitiveness in a Knowledge Society: The European Case
FP7-SSH-2009-A (SSH-2009-1.1.1) Education in a European knowledge society
The brief description of the project  -
Expected results  -
Keywords  Academy mobility Methodological complex International scientific cooperation Social partnership Comparative analysis and studying of educational systems
Published works  
  1. Tregubova T.M., Galishnikova E.M., Masalimova A.R., Cakhiyeva R.G. The professional training of qualified specialists abroad: multicultural analysis: Monograph. – Kazan, 2007. – 194 p.
  2. Tregubova T.M., Sakhieva R.G., Masalimova A.R., Raphikova E.M., Belyakin A.M., Fakhrutdinova A.V., Tazutdinova E.K. The academy mobility of students as the factor of competitive specialist’s training in the context of The Bolognese process: Workbook. – Kazan: Danis, 2008. – 106 p.
  3. The Academy mobility of educational training’s subjects: message, main points and contents: Collected articles. – Kazan, 2007. – 93 p.
Date of last change of the project  19.11.2008
Family Name and first name of a contact person  Umetbayeva Dinara Aidarovna
Position in Organization  research officer
Department/Unit, Chair  The Department of studying of professional education’s foreign experience
Address  RU, Tatarstan, 420039 Kazan Isaeva str., 12
WWW address (URL)   www.kcn.ru/tat_ru/science/ispo_rao/index.htm
E-mail address  
Telephone  +79172483428
Telefax  +7-843-5423844
The countries of partners under the project  All
Types of the project
  • Collaborative project (CP)
The basic scientific directions of the organization within the limits of thematic priorities
Participation in FP5/6 or INTRAS or others. The submitted and supported projects