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Yerevan State University 
The type of the organization  
Country Armenia 
City Yerevan 
Coordinator Microwave Radiophysics chair, faculty of Radiophysics,  -,  PhD,  Kalantaryan Vitaly P.
Address Armenia, -, 25 Yerevan Alex Manoogian str.1
Telephone +7-374 93 461 330; +7-374 10 558 606 
Fax +7-374 10 554 641 
Brief Description At present an investigation of influence of Low Intensity Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves on biosystems of various complexity (microbes,DNA,biological solutions,tumors,brain activity,etc.) have been carryng out to find out the influence mechanisms and aiming at the application of the investigation in medical practice for diagnoses and therapy. The Chair possesses generators of mm and cm ranges,radiometers,frequency and power measure devices,femtosecond Terahertz range laser (USA).Head of the chair Academician R.M.Martirosyan,President of the Academy Sciences of Armenia. 
Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU
Cooperation Health Translating research for human health
FP7-HEALTH-2009-single-stage (HEALTH-2009-3.1-3) Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The brief description of the project  Revealing the effects which electromagnetic radiation at millimeter wavelengths have on the organism and its biological significance serve as a basis for using microwave exposure as a physiotherapeutic procedure for treating various diseases. Their list includes cancer of different organs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic angioneuroropathies, peptic ulcers, leucopenia, pain relief, skin disorders, infantile cerebral palsy, bronchial asthma, wound healing, etc . According to literature facts, the millimeter-wave therapy increases the level of immune resistance, influences different stages of pathogenesis, changes enrymatic reaction activity and growth rate, destroys microorganisms .It has shown that millimeter waves (MMWs) have strong effect on the process and bioelectric activity of neurochemical functions of the brain, increase the cortical tension. Penetrating into the organism (the penetration depth of Millimeter Waves in tissues is about 1-1.5 mm due to high absorption by water molecules), this radiation is transformed into information-carrying signals performing guidance and adaptation control or rehabilitation processes in the organism. Different physical factors, affect the organism, in the same way as electromagnetic waves, provoking changes in the functioning of different organs/systems. MMWs can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with other treatment methods. They are used to reduce the toxic effects of chemo- and radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. One of the major side effects of chemotherapy is that although anticancer agents can reduce the growth of primary tumors, they may also enhance tumor metastasis. At commonly used doses, most anticancer agents are immunosuppressive and therefore secondary neoplasias may result. It has also been shown that many antineoplastic agents including cyclophosphamide (CPA) can reduce natural killer (NK) cell activity. In M.Logany et al.studies have demonstrated that CPA-induced suppression of NK cell activity can be restored by MMW therapy and MMWs may also inhibit the enhanced tumor metastasis resulting from CPA pretreatment. In our previous studies have been demonstrated low intensity electromagnetic millimeter waves effects on the spike activity of neurons in the supraoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus in rats, on blood catalase activity change, on E. coli growth rate, on binding of antitumour compouds with the DNA and others. Recently water"s resonance frequencies,on which the depth of MMWs penetration in tissue and organism could increase by one order were found. Our conducted studies on DNA solution confirmed high efficiency of given frequencies. Thus, taking the above-mentioned into account, we could participate in those all topics (calls), which concern the research and application of millimeter electromagnetic wave radiation applied investigations in Medicine and Biology, particularly, in HEALTH-2009-3.1-3: Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In this theme we would be able to carry out any electromagnetic expousure experiments of the objects to be investigated.
Expected results  -
Keywords  Millimeter waves Diagnostics and Therapy DNA, Tumor Living organisms Low intensity electromagnetic Fields
Published works  
  1. H.Tadevosyan, V.Kalantaryan, A. Trchounian. Extremely High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Enforces Bacterial Effects of Inhibitors and Antiobiotics. Cell Biochemestry & Biophysics 2008, 51(2-3), 97-103,July.
  2. V. P. Kalantaryan, Yu. S Babayan, A. Tadevosyan. Investigation of the binding of antitumour compouds of Mitoxantrone and Amentantrone with the DNA-irradiated millimeter electromagnetic waves. Abstracts Book, UICC World Cancer Congress, 27-31 August 2008, Geneva, Switzerland, p.82 (POS- A288).
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  4. S.M.Minasyan, G.Yu.Grigoryan, S.G,Saakyan, A.A.Akhumyan, V.P.Kalantaryan. Effects of the Action of Microwave-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation on the Spike Activity of Neurons in the Supraoptic Nucleus of the Hypothalamus in Rats.-Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology (USA), 2007, vol.37, No.2, pp.175-180.
  5. H.Tadevosyan, V. Kalantaryan, A. Trchounia. Influence of Low Intensity Millimeter Range Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation on E.coli Growth Rate and Role of pH of Environment.Biophysica,2007,v.52.N5,p.893-898.
  6. Yu. S. Babayan , V. P. Kalantaryan, R. S. Kazaryan, P. O. Vardevanyan, A. Sh. Markaryan, M. A. Parsadanyan. Effect of Low-Energy Microwaves on DNA Stability in Solution. Biophysics,2007, vol. 52, Number 2 p 259.
  7. Tadevosyan H.,Kalantaryan V.,Trchounian A.Direct and Mediated Effects of the Extremely High Freguency Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation (Millimeter Waves’) With Low Intensity on Bacteria, Proceedings 4th Workshop on Biological Effects of EMFs, Crete, Greece, 2006, pp.1307-1314.
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  10. H.H.Hovhanisyan, V.P.Kalantaryan, A.A.Hakhoumyan, S.M.Minasyan, K.R.Hovhanesyan. Blood Catalase Activity Change under Influence of Microwave-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation. Biomeditsinkie tehnologii i radioelectronica, (Biomedical Technologies and Radioelectronics), 2005, N8, p.66-69.
Date of last change of the project  10.11.2008
Family Name and first name of a contact person  Kalantaryan Vitaly P.
Position in Organization  -
Title  Ph.D.
Department/Unit, Chair  Кафедра СВЧ радиофизики радиофизического факультета
Address  Armeniya, -, 25 Yerevan Alex Manoogian str.1
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E-mail address  
Telephone  +7-374 93 461 330; +7-374 10 558 606
Telefax  +7-374 10 554 641
The countries of partners under the project  All
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  • Collaborative project (CP)
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