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Questionnaire List

Published questionnaire list


Belgorod State Agricultural Academy

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Ph.D., Litvinenko, Tatiana Yurjevna 

Belgorod state technological university

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Doctor of technological science, Evtushenko, Eugeni I. 

Belgorod State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Doctor of geographic sciences, professor, Moskovkin, Vladimir M. 

Bryansk State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Novikov, Vladimir V. 

Volgograd State Academy of Agriculture

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Grishina, Galina N. 

Volgograd State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: D.Sc., professor, Zaporotskova, Irina V. 

Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, Bahkardina, Eugenia A. 

Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: PhD in Medicine, Andreev, Alexandr A. 

Voronezh State Technological Academy

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, -, - - 

Vorornezh State Agricultural University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Aleshenko, Alexey M. 

Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Mordovtseva, Tatiana V. 

Voronezh State Pedagogical University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Ph.D., Bahmeteva, Irina A. 

Voronezh State Technical University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Kopyitin, Michael N. 

Voronezh State University

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: Zornikov, Igor N. 

Voronezh Institute of Higher Technologies

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: PhD in Biology, Skrogotunov, Alexander D. 

Yerevan State University

Short Descript: At present an investigation of influence of Low Intensity Millimeter Electromagnetic Waves on biosystems of various complexity (microbes,DNA,biological solutions,tumors,brain activity,etc.) have been carryng out to find out the influence mechanisms and aiming at the application of the investigation in medical practice for diagnoses and therapy. The Chair possesses generators of mm and cm ranges,radiometers,frequency and power measure devices,femtosecond Terahertz range laser (USA).Head of the chair Academician R.M.Martirosyan,President of the Academy Sciences of Armenia.

Contact Person: PhD, Kalantaryan, Vitaly P. 

Institute of Atomic Energy of Republican State Enterprise National Nuclear Center of the Kazakhstan Republic

Short Descript: R&D activities to support the Kazakhstan Nuclear Power Development Program, feasibility studies for nuclear power plant construction in certain regions, thermonuclear and nuclear power safety, space power reactor facilities, solid-state radiation physics, and reactor material testing

Contact Person: -, - - 

The Russian Federation Education Academy institute of pedagogics and psychology of professional education

Short Descript: The institute of pedagogics and psychology of professional education was founded in 1975. There is a scientific council of defenses of doctoral and candidates dissertations. Scholar training is done in the sphere of pedagogics and psychology.

Contact Person: Umetbayeva, Dinara Aidarovna 

Institute for Physics of Microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPM RAS)

Short Descript: Department consists of about 20 scientists and technologists fully engaged in R&D activity in the field of semiconductor physics. The group has closely tied internal structure and possesses a wide range of analytical equipment (including that provided by Center of Collective Access at IPM RAS). This enables both academic (experimental and theory) and device-oriented studies on the “designed-made-measured” basis. As materials, III-V, metals and large molecules, as well as heterostructures based on them, are mainly dealt with. As phenomena, optical, electro-optical and photonic properties of these materials are under consideration, as well as MEMS. Long-term experience in various characterization techniques determines high yield of comprehensive information on samples fabricated within the IPM RAS or supplied by other labs. The group is open for collaboration with industrial bodies and academia.

Contact Person: Kraev, Alexey V. 

Kazan State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev

Short Descript: -

Contact Person: -, - -