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Kuban State University

Contact information:

Kopytov Gennady F.

, D.Sc., professor.

E-mail: afmosu@mail.ru
Telephone: +7-861-2625270
Fax: +7-861-2699517

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Energy / Energy Efficiency And Savings


The new magnetic materials for the electric power industry

The brief description of the project: The magnetic systems with the variable properties, executed from the composite materials representing multilayered structures with the alternating nanometer layers from the magnetic materials with various properties. The scientific equipment and other material resources are available. 13 articles are published in reviewed magazines.

Expected results: Synthesis of new magnetic structures with variable properties; the set properties; synthesis of magnetic nanosystems on the basis of polymeric matrixes; research of magnetic properties of the synthesized magnetic nanostructures; the increase of the power cofficiency of the electric motors

The countries of partners under the project: Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland, France, Czech republic, Sweden

Published works: 

The information on the organization

Kuban State University
350040,  RU,  Krasnodar Territory,  Krasnodar
Address: KSU, 149, ul. Stavropolskaya