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Kursk state technical university

Contact information:

Dovgal Viktor M.

Prof., DSc, professor.

E-mail: katemel@mail.ru
Telephone: +7-4712-522596
Fax: +7-4712-504821

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Information And Communication Technologies - ICT / Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare


ICT-2007.5.3- 5.3.1 Area: Methods and instrumental facilities for creation personal topological models of determinate-chaotic dynamic of condition of an organism of the person according to results of biomedical electrical measuring for diagnostics, correction and prediction wide circle of pathologies

The brief description of the project: The main aim of researching is solving of basic problem on creation of adequate personal topological models of dynamic of condition of an organism of the person(DCOP)according to results of electrical measuring of minimal number organism`s parameters, which are characterised by determinated chaotic behaviour (e.g., only encephalogram or only cardiogram and etc.). The main purpose of models is diagnostics, selection and control of application of medical technologies, prediction of condition of organism in norm and in pathology. Know-how of permanent properties of behaviour trajectories of chaotic systems were found out by us. This properties gave us an opportunity for creation fundamentally new instrumental facility for modelling(IFM)in the form of chaotic automat. More over new algorithms and program facilities(APF)of visualization multivariate spaces and objects, the aim of which is interactive analysis of DCOP with the purpose of extraction of informative diagnostic and prognostic symptoms, are created. APF for determination of specific transformation of topological portraits DCOP are also created. Created IFM were used for assessment of symptoms of harbingers of ischemic attacks and fibrillation of ventricles at sick by a stenocardia and a heart attack of a myocardium and for differential diagnostic this pathologies only on the basis of cardiogram with quality 92%. Strategic direction of further researching is systematization of the possessed experience and also importamt expendence of circle of pathologies and areas of effective application of models, the massed processing and intellectual analysis of monitoring data from clinics of different countries, getting clinical assessment of adequate virtual models, improving and modification of methods,algorithms and making up programs for personal modelling for diagnostics,control of application of medical technologies

Expected results: The theory of personal topological modelling on the basis of measurement of parameters with deterimated chaotic behaviour, techniques of the organization of mass inspections of population and monitoring of potential patients, technical projects on development of demanded measuring devices, a database of results of monitoring and personal models healthy and sick persons, practically suitable program system of support of acceptance diagnostic, prognostic and medical technological decisions. Achievement of the declared results predetermines necessary volume of financing, three-year term of cooperation with specialized clinics and the centers of development of medical technics for step-by-step development and realization of the concept of creation of instrumental facilities for development of new type of deterimated chaotic virtual models of an organism of the person according to results of biomedical electric measurements were offered by us.

The countries of partners under the project: Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway

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The information on the organization

Kursk state technical university
305040,  RU,  Kursk region,  Kursk
Address: KSTU, 94, ul. 50 let Oktyabrya

Kursk State Technical University, one of the leading institutions of higher education of the Russian Federation, was founded in 1964.The University is proud of a great team of professors and teachers. High-qualified specialists are trained in 65 fields. Scientific activity is widely developed in the following directions: computer technologies, bioengineering, physics, chemistry, economy, jurisprudence, other technical and humanity sciencies.