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Kursk state technical university

Contact information:

Titov Vitaliy S.

Head of chair, D.Sc., professor.

E-mail: titov@vt.kstu.kursk.ru, oldguy7@rambler.ru
Telephone: +7-4712-587105
Fax: +7-4712-587112

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Health / Information And Communication Technologies - ICT / Translating research for human health / Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics / Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare


Optoelectronic noninvasive vision system for deep vein thrombosis diagnostics

The brief description of the project: Nowadays automated diagnostic systems come in wide use in different fields of medicine. These systems allow to decrease time period required for diagnostics, to reduce diagnosis subjectivity, to reduce complexity of diagnosis statement process. The suggested optoelectronic deep vein thrombosis diagnostic method provides noninvasive screening diagnostics of lower extremities deep vein thrombosis on early stage of disease evolution. The developed method is based on shank images obtainment from different angles of view in free state and after surface veins cross-clamping by a compression cuff, shank three-dimensional surface reconstruction by comparing the identical shank points on different images, three-dimensional shank points coordinates computation, three-dimensional surface creation using the elementary triangles approximation, shank volume computation before and after surface veins cross-clamping by summation the volumes of elementary tetrahedrons. The researches are based on 3 patents of Russian Federation.

Expected results: The proposed deep vein thrombosis diagnostic allows to: • perform diagnostics of lower extremities deep vein thrombosis on early stage of disease evolution with greater reliability comparing to the existing methods; • lower diagnostic hardware that will be at 8-12 times lower then the existing analogues; • render automatic diagnostic process and lower it’s complexity that allows low qualified medical staff to reform diagnostics.

The countries of partners under the project: Germany, Finland, France

The information on the organization

Kursk state technical university
305040,  RU,  Kursk region,  Kursk
Address: KSTU, 94, ul. 50 let Oktyabrya

Kursk State Technical University, one of the leading institutions of higher education of the Russian Federation, was founded in 1964.The University is proud of a great team of professors and teachers. High-qualified specialists are trained in 65 fields. Scientific activity is widely developed in the following directions: computer technologies, bioengineering, physics, chemistry, economy, jurisprudence, other technical and humanity sciencies.