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Voronezh State Technical University

Contact information:

Kalinin Yuriy E.

Head of chair, D.Sc., professor.

E-mail: kalinin@ns1.vstu.ac.ru
Telephone: +7-4732-466647
Fax: +7-4732-463247

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies - NMP / Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies / Materials


Heterogenous functional structures with universal application

The brief description of the project: Project is guided to development and production of heterogeneous functional nanostructures of different purposes with nanoscale granules and layer thickness. During the RFFI projects realization (NN 02-02-1602, 05-02-17012 and 06-02-81035) we had developed the method for preparation of nanocomposites in wide range of metallic phase concentration. Ion-beam sputtering technology (with two (three) simple or one compound target) had been used for sample preparation. In present project the realization of the possibilities of this method is planning. We suppose to use targets based on ferroelectric with giant magnetostriction, dielectric targets (ZrO2, MgO2), ferromagnetics and semiconductor structures (Si, InO, etc.).

Expected results: During the project realization development of new functional nanostructures with high magnetoelectric effect, giant magnetostriction values, high-sensitive to magnetic field thermoelectric power, and gas-sensor layers with high thermal stability are planned.

The countries of partners under the project: Germany, Italy, France

Published works: 

The information on the organization

Voronezh State Technical University
394026,  RU,  Voronezh region,  Voronezh
Address: VSTU, 14 Moskovskiy pr.