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Voronezh State University

Contact information:

Kurolap Simeon A.

Head of chair, D.Sc., professor.

E-mail: kurolap@vmail.ru
Telephone: +7-4732-665654
Fax: +7-4732-207526

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Environment (Including Climate Change) / Climate Change, Pollution, and Risks


ENV.2008., ENV.2008. Area: Quality of air, microclimate and health of the population of industrial megacities

The brief description of the project: Project objectives:ecological estimation of air pool quality of advanced industrial cities in Central Black Soil Region and European countries in conditions of "global warming"; the analysis of potential of pollution in urban agglomeration; estimation of parameters of microclimate in industrial cities and formation of “islands of warmth”; the analysis of meteopathic reactions and sickness rate of the population connected to the factors of a microclimate and pollution of air of megalopolises; revealing of zones of ecological risk for the population of industrial cities owing to air pollution; geo-information maintenance of monitoring of population health in industrial megalopolises.

Expected results: Databank of parameters of air pool quality of advanced industrial cities in Central Black Soil Region and European countries; ecological diagnostics of microclimate in industrial cities; quantitative estimation of the contribution of the ecological - climatic factors in formation of public health of population in industrial megalopolises; electronic medicoecological map-making of zones of ecological risk caused by quality of air pool and a microclimate of cities (with application of GIS-technologies); The project realization will allow to advance in study of microclimate formation processes of cities, maintenance of more perfect preventive measures of meteo-dependent conditions and population sickness rate caused by the factors of weather; reduction of adverse effect of polluted air influence on health of the city dwellers and maintenance of monitoring system of extreme ecological situations caused by climatic processes in territory of large industrial agglomerations.

The countries of partners under the project: Austria, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden

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The information on the organization

Voronezh State University
394006,  RU,  Voronezh region,  Voronezh
Address: CBS RIP, 478а, VSU, 1 Universitetskaya pl.