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Belgorod State University

Contact information:

Chendev Yuri G.

professor, DSc, professor.

E-mail: chendev@bsu.edu.ru
Telephone: +7–4722–301177; +7-8910-3249460
Fax: +7-4722-301174

Offers of high school on participation in joint researches with the European universities within the limits of thematic priorities of the Seventh frame program of scientifically-technological development of EU

Cooperation / Environment (Including Climate Change) / Climate Change, Pollution, and Risks


The late Pleistocene and Holocene soils in the Parana - Plata river basin as objects of paleo-ecological and paleo-climatic reconstructions

The brief description of the project: In a number of methods for study of the geographic ambience evolution the method of soil chronosequences has an important significance. The method is consisted of combined study of unequal-age paleo-soils and their modern natural analogs. Comparison of properties of the modern (full - holocene) soils with ancient soils makes it possible to establish of bioclimatic situations and other factors of natural environment evolution. The greater quantity of unequal-age soils is studied in the concrete territory, the more complete information about changes in time of climate, soils, vegetation and other components of natural landscapes becomes.

Expected results: 1. Creation of the bank of paleo-soil data (unequal-age paleo-soils, the soil indicators of changes in time of the bioclimatic situations in late Pleistocene and Holocene). 2. Reconstructions of changes in the time of climate, vegetation and soils in the Parana- Plata river basin within different ecosystems of a modern period: forests, steppes, sections with the shallow bedding of ground water (bottom of beams, the flood lands of rivers, the swampy sections).

The countries of partners under the project: Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Argentina

Published works: 

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Belgorod State University
308015,  RU,  Belgorod region,  Belgorod
Address: BSU, ul.Pobedy, 85