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Partnership Proposal

Partner offer from AB-BIOTICS S.A. and Polytechnic University of Catalunya on the FP7-KBBE topics



AB-BIOTICS S.A. and Group AQUAL of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya are interested in joining an existing consortiums under the following FP7-KBBE topics:


  • KBBE.2013.2.1-01: Impact of food and nutritional behavior, lifestyle and the socioeconomic environment on depression and proposed remedial
  • KBBE.2013.2.2-01: New technologies to study brain function in relation to eating behavior actions
  • KBBE.2013.2.2-03: Food-based solutions for eradication of vitamin D deficiency and health promotion throughout the life cycle

For Group AQUAL:

  • KBBE.2013.1.2-09: Diversification of fish species and products in aquaculture
  • KBBE.2013.3.2-02: The CO2 algae biorefinery

Following the 2004 spin-out of AB-BIOTICS S.A. from the University Autònoma of Barcelona (UAB) initial focus was on applying innovative technology to help cheese makers differentiate their products through biotechnology. This quickly expanded to other areas of microbiology, focused on developing novel probiotics and specialty dietary supplements.

By investing in the development of a large, proprietary bank of wild-type bacterial strains (over 550), AB-BIOTICS S.A. has developed a pipeline of products with novel, patentable performance characteristics. Its pipeline includes a range of proprietary supplements designed to improve health – from products that can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease to those that can help in the management of diabetes. Its pipeline covers the development spectrum from marketed product, to proof-of-concept, and includes products that have been licensed to global food and pharmaceutical companies.

More info on the AB-BIOTICS can be found at http://www.ab-biotics.com.

AB-BIOTIC Presentation is available — http://www.ric.vsu.ru/UserFiles/File/partnership/AB_BIOTICS%20Presentation.pdf

More info on the Group AQUAL [as well as its contribution to the above-mentioned topics] can be found at http://deab.upc.edu/research/groups-of-research/aqual/aqual-1?set_language=en.

AQUAL brochure and UPC team presentation — http://www.ric.vsu.ru/UserFiles/File/partnership/UPC_team.pdf, http://www.ric.vsu.ru/UserFiles/File/partnership/UPC_team.pdf

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