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Partnership Proposal

Partner Offer KBBE-2010-4

Switzerland, Haute École de Gestion de Genève (HES-SO)
Professeure Catherine Equey

Date of Publication: 2009-10-01

Call Identifier: FP7-KBBE-2010-4

Closure Date: 14/01/2010

Research topic: KBBE.2010.1.4-03 Assessment of transnational pathways to susatinable agriculture and social and technological innovation needs


The aim of this project is to propose the required technical tools and information systems for the traceability needs of socially responsible SME trading agricultural products. Socially responsible business is a promising domain and to be effective should be able to provide consumers with a multi-criteria assessment of key sustainability factors. The scientific and commercial challenge is to make the required tools economically viable through the transposition of industry-oriented open source software to these particular needs.

Partner offer on the EURESEARCH Website: http://www.euresearch.ch/index.php?id=395&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=2546&no_cache=1&fromealert=1

Contact information:
Professeure Catherine Equey
Haute École de Gestion de Genève (HES-SO)
Campus de Battelle, bâtiment F
Rte de Drize 7
1227 Carouge
Tél. + 41 (0) 22-388-17-00
Direct + 41 (0) 22-388-17-17
E-mail: catherine.equey@hesge.ch
Webpage: http://campus.hesge.ch/equeyc/welcome.asp