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IREX Open Calls: The University Administration Support Program and Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program

The University Administration Support Program (UASP) prepares open-minded, rising mid-level university administrators from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ghana, Russia, and Ukraine to implement the incremental changes that are at the foundation of a progressive management culture.

The program does this by providing fellowships of approximately eight weeks at U.S. universities, and by offering small grants for pilot projects after the fellows return to their home countries. UASP empowers participants to directly analyze U.S. models and management culture, and to consider possible solutions to management challenges they face in their home countries.

UASP was developed by IREX with generous support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Application Information

Project Activities

Fellowships in University Administration
provide funding for senior-level administrators to spend approximately eight weeks at host universities in the United States. IREX places each visiting administrator with a counterpart at a respected U.S. university to work one-on-one on a specific university-management topic. Administrators produce case studies on their topics to be presented at a workshop in Washington, DC. The fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible administrators.

Pilot Project Grants: After completion of their fellowships in the United States, the university administrators may apply for small grants to jumpstart innovative reform projects at their home universities. Past examples include establishing an alumni center at Samara State University, creating a student research and development incubator at Tomsk State University, and designing a quality assurance system and university strategic plan for Voronezh State University.

Developing Partnerships between Russian International and U.S. Universities: The program promotes collaboration and development of sustainable partnerships between among UASP fellows, their US counterparts, and their institutions that result in new projects such as administrator and faculty exchanges, credit system recognition, and organization of international conferences.

UASP fellows focus on a broad range of management themes, many of which are new to the field of higher education management in their countries. Themes include: Alumni Relations, Community Relations, Faculty Development, Fundraising and Development, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Integration of Teaching and Research, Quality Assurance, Research Management, Strategic Planning, Student Services, Technology Transfer, University Consortia, University Financing and Budget Management, University Governance/Trustees.

Following the fellowship opportunity, fellows can apply for Pilot Project Grants to jumpstart reform projects at their home universities.

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Carnegie Corporation of New York

Contact information: uasp@irex.org


Graduate students from Eurasia interested in studying in the US can now apply for the Muskie program. Application materials and complete eligibility requirements are available online. Completed applications, including all supplemental materials, are due November 8, 2010.

The Department of State’s 2011 Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program brings emerging leaders in key professional fields from Eurasia to the United States for one to two years of graduate study at institutions across the United States. Through their academic studies, internships, and community service, fellows come in close contact with Americans and make direct connections with American universities, businesses, social-service organizations, schools, and other institutions, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of US values and ideals, such as democratic leadership.

Additional information could be found on the IREX portal - http://www.irex.org/.